Who Is Ric?

That would be me :). I’m a 34 year old guy who started smoking when I was too young to know any better and when looking cool was more important than looking after my health.

Like many smokers I had made several attempts to stop over the years. The first time I seriously tried was when I hit 22 and began to realize I wasn’t going to live forever. My nicotine habit was starting to have a negative effect on my life and I was beginning to see my health go slowly downhill.

Not for want of determination to quit, the longest I ever lasted without a cigarette was around 6 months after reading Allen Carr’s “The only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently”. This book really struck a cord with me and made me realize the only reason I was using tobacco was because I was addicted to the drug contained in the smoke. When I finished the book I resolved never to smoke again, and things went great for a while.

After a few months though I started to get that urge to smoke when I was out drinking with friends, I suppose I begun to forget the lessons I had read about in the book. I managed to hold off at first, but eventually I found myself with a cigarette in my hand and I was back where I started and kicking myself at my stupidity. Other failed attempts followed but I never managed to stay smoke-free for an appreciable amount of time and was usually tempted back to the fray when under the influence of alcohol.

When I was introduced to the e cigarette by a friend a little over three years ago I immediately understood that I had found a technology which had the potential to help me quit tobacco, and it might just be able to do it without the pain and frustration usually associated with the process.

I started off my e cigarette journey with an old three piece device which was pretty rudimentary compared to some of the products which I review for this site these days. Although it wasn’t perfect I fell in love with the possibility of being able to smoke without inhaling tar, carbon monoxide, and many of the other poisons in tobacco. I persevered with the 901 model e cig while keeping my eye out for newer products which might be able to closer resemble the real thing.

Over the intervening years I’ve spent a lot of money on e cigarettes buying everything from the Apollo to the Green Smoke. Some of it has been wasted in the sense that I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of many of the products I’ve bought, but each purchase has brought me closer to deciding which electronic cigarette is the best buy. With the knowledge and experience I’ve accrued since first picking up the e cig I decided to start up ecigaretteshop.com to share what I’ve learned with those who are looking to buy their first vaping device. It is my sincere hope that you will find the information you need on this web site so you can spend your money wisely when you make, quite literally, one of the most important purchases of your life.

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