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If you are new to electronic cigarettes and discovered this web site by typing “e cigarette” into Google after hearing about them on television then you might be a little confused about what to read first. Here I will provide you with an overview of the entire site and point you towards the content you really need to read to get a grip on what the e cig actually is, how it can become you cigarette replacement of choice, and which one you will want to spend your money on.

The first thing you might want to check out is a little bit about who I am, and how I managed to end up building for your viewing pleasure.

If you are new to the e cig in general then you should check out my frequently asked questions page where you’ll get the most important information regarding this technological marvel. I’m in the middle of rewriting this page at the moment so expect to see a lot more useful information on it over the next month or so.

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The next thing you will want to do is actually find yourself an e cigarette so you can start vaping for yourself. My e cigarette reviews page has a list of all the products I’ve tested so far. I’ll be adding to this on a regular basis so make sure you check back to see what’s new.

You should also read a few of my most popular articles which discuss various aspects of how to use and buy electronic cigarettes.

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If you still have questions about the electronic cigarette, how it works, or which one you should buy then you can contact me here. I’ll do my best to get back to you with a helpful answer as quickly as possible.

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