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Looking to get the latest news about electronic cigarettes? Thanks to a new writer who has joined the staff at ecigaretteshop.com we’re going to be posting all the latest stories from the e cigarette world to enable you to keep up to date with everything that’s happening. You can find links to all the past issues of our news round up below.

Vapor Bars In The US

E Cigarette News Round Up – 13th January 2012

E Cigarette News Round Up – 5th January 2012

  1. The E Cigarette Ban in Canada
  2. The Medical Cannabis E Cigarette
  3. A New Strategy for Marketing E Cigarette

E Cigarette News Round Up – 5th January 2012

  1. Johnny Deep Improves The E Cigarette’s Public Profile
  2. Blu-Cigs Becoming More Social
  3. White Cloud Upping Their Game
  4. American Association of Public Health Physicians Endore E Cigs?

E Cigarette News Round Up – 18th December 2011

  1. E Cigs and Health Risks
  2. Health Canada and E Cigarettes
  3. Tobacco Harm Reduction

E Cigarette News Round Up – 10th December 2011

  1. Boston’s e cigarette ban
  2. Medical cannabis delivery with e cigs
  3. New Year resolutions

E Cigarette News Round Up – 1st December 2011

  1. E Cigarette Ban in Missoula Montana
  2. E-Cigs to be treated as Tobacco Products by FDA
  3. E-Lites used by characters on Eastenders

E Cigarette News Round Up – 25th November 2011

  1. Celebrity E Cigarette Use
  2. Buy E Cigarettes In Minnesota
  3. The Innokin AIO Pack

E Cigarette News Round Up – 18th November 2011

  1. Social Media in the World of the electronic cigarette
  2. It’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  3. E cigarettes make a great Christmas gift idea

E Cigarette News Round Up – 11th November 2011

  1. New Study on Effectiveness Of E Cigs

E Cigarette News Round Up – 4th November 2011

  1. Cancer Center Shows Support For Smokeless Products over Tobacco
  2. E-cig Sponsored Event to Raise Money for Wounded Veterans
  3. E Cigarette Ban for Minors in Idaho
  4. Electronic cigarettes Becoming More Popular in India

E Cigarette News Round Up – 25th October 2011

  1. Chicago Area’s first dedicated “vaping” facility opens
  2. Should the e cigarette be treated the same as tobacco products
  3. A new USB Electronic Cigarette reaches the market
  4. UK Electronic cigarette sales hit new heights

E Cigarette News Round Up – 18th October 2011

  1. New York e cigarette store opens it’s doors
  2. Can E-cigarettes boost productivity of the workforce?
  3. E-Liquid manufacturer changes product names after being pressured by Big Tobacco
  4. Petition the White House on the Electronic Cigarette debate

E Cigarette News Round Up – 13th October 2011

  1. Department of Transportation Considering Banning E-Cigs on Flights
  2. Rock Stars: The New Face of Vaping?
  3. Vaping Bars: The Wave of the Future?

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