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Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Smoking

There’s no doubt that the e cigarette is great for those of you that know you have to stop smoking tobacco but aren’t quite ready to quit nicotine altogether. At the end of the day though we should all be trying to quit nicotine for good at some point in the near future for the good of our health. Its not just that, life is less fun when we have an addition that dictates our actions in one sense or another so being free of all drugs is a worthy aim. But what can be expect in the way of withdrawal symptoms when we take the first steps to a nicotine free life?

Everyone who has thoughts of quitting smoking knows that they will face some nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms depends on a number of factors, some of which are biochemical in nature. Most of the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms comes from how long you have used nicotine. If you have been a two pack a day smoker for twenty years it is obviously be more difficult than someone who smoke five cigarettes a day for a year. The brain has to readjust and start sending natural endorphins instead of nicotine. If you have a long time nicotine habit, especially a serious one, it will be difficult because you have to resist not only the physical pull toward smoking as your brain readjusts but you will have to break the actual habit of smoking. A habit and an addiction are actually two different things, or the same thing but at far different levels of intensity.

The actual nicotine withdrawal symptoms vary from smoker to smoker. Tightness in the chest and neck, increased anxiety, fidgeting, increased appetite, inability to concentrate are all symptoms and there are others that individuals feel, some caused by the addition of stress to another health issue. These cravings and all of the symptoms come from the cravings, can be over in seconds or last for hours. The first few are the worst because you body is suddenly deprived of a chemical that it thinks it needs to survive.

The symptoms will fade slowly once the brain both starts producing the proper hormones and endorphins again and realizes that this is the only way to get what it needs. The physical symptoms can seem quite extreme, especially for long term smokers, but they usually start to subside after a few days. The greatest danger of the psychological symptoms is that they will help the mind trick you into having a cigarette burning and half smoked before your realize it, so be on your guard.

Drinking a large amount of water when you are going through these symptoms can really help as it flushes the toxins from your system. Other than that you should try to get plenty of rest until the worst is over, and stay away from situation in which you would normally smoke the most for at least a few months.

If you need to quit smoking tobacco for your health but find the going too tough then you might want to give smokeless cigarettes a try. It might not be as good as quitting completely, but at least you won’t be inhaling vast amounts of tar, carbon monoxide and burning plant material several times each day.