Totally Wicked E Liquids Review

I occasionally get people asking what e-liquids I recommend for use in e cigarettes such as the Ego-T and the E-Tank. My usual answer is “I’m not really sure” because the only liquids I’ve tried is Jonson’s creek, and that was a long time ago.

After doing my electronic cigarettes Inc review a couple of months ago I though it was about time I gave a different e liquid a shot so I got onto the Totally Wicked web site and put in an order for 3 5ml bottles of their finest offerings.
totally wicked e liquid bottles
I opted for Virginia, Menthol, and French Pipe Tobacco for something a little bit different. I tested them all in both my ego tank and my Vapor King to see if they could exceed the enjoyment of the liquid I had received from Electronic Cigarettes Inc. If you read my E-Tank review you will have noticed I wasn’t such a big fan of the e-liquid supplied with that product and suggested it would be worthwhile searching for something a bit tastier.

I’m happy to report that the e-liquids from Totally Wicked are top quality. They all taste exactly as you would expect from the label on the bottle with the French pipe tobacco flavor being particularly interesting and different from anything I’d vaped so far.

Vapor production on the pipe tobacco and Virginia was excellent and throat hit was just right on all of them. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the vapor produced by the menthol could have been better. Not sure if I got a bad batch, or that’s just the norm for this particular liquid.

totally wicked eliquid
If you take a look at the totally wicked web site you will see they have an astounding array of flavors on offer for the vaping connoisseur. Enough to keep us all entertained for as long as we wish to continue using an electronic cigarette. Going through the selection the have it’s easy to see why many vapors decide to use products such as the ego-t instead of buying a regular 2-piece e cigarette from the likes of Green Smoke.

Personally I still like the ease of use that comes with the cartomizer e cigs, and the fact I don’t have to deal with the annoyance of getting e-liquids on my hands and in my mouth is a real bonus.

If you decide you want to got the ego-t route though I definitely suggest you take a look at the products sold through the totally wicked web site and put in an order for the flavors which catch your eye. They are obviously manufactured to a high standard, have a natural flavor, and are relatively cheap too.

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