The Eversmoke E Cigarette Review

Eversmoke are a company who has been getting a lot of rave reviews from the e cigarette blogosphere so I figured it was about time I got my hands on one of these kits to let my readers know if this is a product worth buying. As always I procrastinated a little before putting my order in so I was thankful when the guys from Eversmoke got in touch and offered a free starter kit to test. This review is for the Eversmoke basic starter kit which you can find on the company’s website for a reduced price of just $59.99.

Eversmoke Starter Kit

What you get in your starter kit

The basic starter kit from Eversmoke comes with the following:

  1. A Lithium Ion battery – This is sold as a “regular” size battery by this company but it’s actually slightly bigger than the “large” battery you get from Green Smoke
  2. A branded portable wall charger
  3. A branded USB charger
  4. Five nicotine cartomizers in your choice of flavor and strength
  5. An owners manual

The kit I got is the cheapest and least equipped that Eversmoke sell. It has all you need to try out vaping if you are new to it, but if you are serious about making the transition to e cigs you will want to opt for the Premium kit at $79.99 to get an extra battery. As I’ve said before, having an e cigarette with a single battery is hopeless because when the power runs down you need to wait a couple of hours for it to recharge before you can get another nicotine hit.

Eversmoke also offer an Ultimate Plus kit which I think is a great option for anyone who is serious about vaping full time, especially if you will be doing so without constant access to a power point. It comes with a total of 15 cartomizers, a car adapter for the charger, a carry case, and a personal charging case (PCC) which allows you to power up your batteries on the go. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the PCC yet but it looks like a pretty standard piece of kit which I’m sure does a fine job of. If it matches up to the quality of the company’s other components then it’s something you will definitely want to purchase if you choose this brand.

The overall feel of the Eversmoke product

Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette

First impressions of the Eversmoke brand is very favorable. Their packaging is more than adequate for the job with a sturdy well designed box holding your chosen kit, perfect if you happen to be giving it as a gift to a smoker friend.

The e cigarette itself is a well designed product with a feel very similar to my favorite brands such as Green Smoke. The battery is nicely branded, the carts look great, and it has an unusual glowing crystal tip which helps it stand out from the crowd.

How does it smoke?

The vaping experience is the most important part of the package and it’s an area where the Eversmoke doesn’t let us down. This is definitely a quality product, and one which any first time vapor will be extremely happy with.

Taking a draw on the Eversmoke takes about as much effort as the Green Smoke product which means it is a close approximation to a real tobacco cigarette. This is an important point where some brands I’ve tried recently such as the Nicotek Metro fall down. E cigs which take hardly any effort to draw on usually don’t have much of a “hit”, and if it’s too hard you are going to burst your lungs to get the vapor production you are looking for.

eversmoke membership card

The flavor of the carts is also very good. In my opinion it doesn’t quite match up to the Green Smoke or V2 cigs but it’s miles better than most of the other products you’ll find on the Internet. I’ve only tried the full flavored tobacco carts so far but they offer a satisfying taste which I’d be happy to use over the long term.

Throat is another area which is essential if you are to successfully make that switch from tobacco. Eversmoke is well above average in this area as well with a definite kick which will give you the impression you are smoking on a real cigarette. They can make your throat a little dry if you are puffing on them constantly but this is a problem which you’ll find with most brands worth using, and one I’m sure is almost impossible to eliminate.

In my opinion the Eversmoke cartomizers fall a little short of those offered by Green Smoke. They are a little smaller in size which means they don’t last as long, the juice doesn’t have quite as good a flavor, and the vapor production isn’t as monstrous. Having said that I would be quite happy to use the Eversmoke product full time if I didn’t have another e cig option.

Eversmoke Battery Life

Eversmoke do a good job of boasting about the quality of their batteries on their website and it’s easy to see why they are so proud of this component.

eversmoke vs greensmoke

The large battery I got with my kit is a touch larger then the long battery from Greensmoke which makes it a fair bit longer than a regular cigarette. For me this isn’t an issue as I prefer extended battery life over an exact replica of a Marlboro. If you are looking for something a little more inconspicuous then make sure you get a kit with a standard battery rather than the high-capacity number.

Obviously a longer battery is going to last longer and the Eversmoke High-capacity unit is a beast in the last ability stakes. You can puff on one of these babies for a full day without having to reach for the charger and that’s something which has to be worth a few extra points. There’s nothing worse than having an e cig die after an hour when you are out of the house and away from a electrical source.

Downsides to the Eversmoke e cigarette?

There’s nothing about the Eversmoke which sticks out as a real negative. There are brands out there which do some things a bit better but as an all-round package this really is a very nice product, and one which would be happy to recommend to my readers.

Click Here to buy direct from the official Eversmoke Store.

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  1. I was tricked into ordering these ? I got the $4.95 version a trial aI assume but did not in any way understand it would be sebn[nt to me @ 95 And I DO NOT WANT IT ?? It was for my wife abd she will not use them so Please refuind my payment and if there are sent or to be sent I will return them as they will not be used >>I just Screwed ujp ? not knowinf they were $85> and also do nopt understand how the $95 was cjarged on my Chase Checking when IK did it on Our Wells Fargo Checki ngPI tried to call Ecigarette but could not understand the rep ? PLEASE REV+FUNE MY $$ ASAP mas it it caused it tobe Over Draft and Penmalty

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