Nicotek Metro E Cigarette Review

A few days ago I received a couple of free e cigarette starter kits in the mail from a company called Nicotek. They were kind enough to send me their wares to enable me to write this review for my readers.

This company has a really nice website which they have obviously put a lot of time and effort into. So much so that you would expect their product to be top of the line and challenging for title of best e cigarette on the market. Let’s take a look to see how this product fares compared to the other brands I’ve reviewed.


Packaging for this product is a bit different from any of the other brands I’ve tried in the past. You get a pretty thin cardboard box which contains two battaries, 10 shrink-wrapped carts, a variety of chargers, a tin carry case, and an instruction booklet. I really like the tin box for carrying around the e cig when you are out of the house, it’s a nice size to fit in your pocket and should be able to stand up to all kinds of abuse and still look good. The rest of the packing could probably do with a little work to give it a higher quality feel.

The cartomizers themselves are tightly shrink-wrapped in a thick plastic to keep them as fresh as possible. Although I think this is a good idea it can be a little tough to get into your cart when you are ready to use it. Once unwrapped the carts for this brand don’t look anything special as they are unbranded, are a plain orange color, and simply state the flavor and strength of the liquid inside.


The Nicotek batteries included in the kit are pretty par for the course in the e cigarette world. They are white in color, have Nicotek branding on them, and feature a red light which glows when you inhale.

Chargers included in the kit are a standard USB charger with a car and mains adaptor to give you a few options when you need to get your batteries back to full power.

Nicotek Metro Vaping Experience

The all important vaping experience is where the Nicotek Metro lets down the user looking for a satisfying alternative to toabcco. Taking your first draw on this device you will quickly notice how easy it is to suck. It feels like there is almost no resistance at all. While it’s true that some e cigs are too hard to get a draw out of this one goes too far in the other direction and feels like you are sucking air through a straw.

The ease of taking a draw is the first indication that you are not going to get much in the way of mouth feel, throat hit, or vapor production with the Metro e cigarette, and that turns out to be the case. The throat hit with this device is almost non-existant which is a big disappointment to someone who loves to feel like they are smoking a full strength Malrboro.

Vapor production is also poor on this device when you compare it to something like the Green Smoke or V2 cigs. There is a certain amount of vapor, but it’s not enough to emulate smoking a cigarette and you can’t feel it in your mouth which was a disappointment to me.

The taste of the Nicotek Metro is about middle of the road. I’ve tried worse in my time as an e cigarette reviewer, but there is also a lot better on the market these days.

I found the vaping experience was improved a little if I blocked the small wholes between the battery and cartomizer when inhaling, but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to make this device a pleasure to use.

Any positives to the Nicotek Metro E Cig


It’s not all bad news for the Metro e cig as it does have some redeeming features which make it attractive to people looking for their first tobacco replacement product. The thing that stands out about it is the fact it’s so damn cheap compared to many of the other devices you find for sale on the Internet.

The All-in-One Platinum kit I was sent is for sale at just $49.99 and contains everything you need to get under way with vaping. You’ll be hard pushed to find a lower priced 2 piece starter kit.

They also offer a basic starter kit with a single battery and a USB charger at just $19.99, the lowest price I have ever seen. I suppose this is aimed at people who have never tried an e cigarette before who aren’t sure if they are going to like it.


The flip side of the cheap starter kits is that you are still going to have to pay an average price for your refill carts which retail at $9.99 for a pack of three.


Overall I can’t recommend the Nicotek Metro products to my readers when there are so many other e cigarettes out there which offer a far superior vaping experience. In my opinion you would do much better to spend that extra cash and opt for something like the Green Smoke or V2 cig if you want to get an electronic cigarette which feels as much as possible like smoking tobacco.

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  1. Iwould love to try your brand if a free sample is avalble I smoke 2 packs a day and need to quite for my famlie and health I’m would love to live long with out cigarets

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