The Revolver Ion Review

When I was offered a free sample from the people at Revolver Electronic Cigarettes I was happy to accept. I’ve taken free product samples from a few companies in the past and if you have read my reviews of Cigarti and Premium e cigarette then you’ll know that I don’t pull punches because I feel obliged to give top marks in exchange for a free e cigarette starter kit. In the interests of full disclosure however I feel I have to point out that the Revolver E Cig reviewed here was supplied to me without money changing hands.

It seems as if new e cigarette companies are a dime a dozen these days and I never get excited when I see a new product on the market as it’s rare that one of them turns out to be a gem. The reality is that most of the newer brands are simply pumping out the same old product we’ve see countless times before, re branded and offered with a cool logo from a different vendor.


At the same time, companies such as Green Smoke and Safe Cig who have been around for years are constantly improving their individual product ranges so that it’s almost impossible for a new entrant on the marketplace to be able to compete in terms of quality right off the bat. Competing on price is another matter altogether, but we all know that picking up a perceived bargain can leave a bitter taste in our mouth when our purchase arrives in the mail. With that in mind let’s take a look at what the Revolver e cig has to offer the prospective buyer.

The kit I’ll be reviewing here is the Revolver Ion which retails at just $59.00, with discounts available if you are willing to “like” the company on Facebook. This puts the Ion at the lower end of the price scale for a two piece cartomizer design, and certainly compares well from an economic standpoint when you look at it next to the Green Smoke or something like the White Cloud.

For under $60 you get a choice of two manual or automatic e cigarette batteries, 5 cartomizers in flavor and strength of your choice, a portable charging pack, and a mains adapter.


If you are not familiar with manual batteries they are the same as the regular batteries provided by all e cigarette companies except that you need to press a little button to activate the atomizer when you want to take a draw. This makes the e cig less like the “real” thing, but many people prefer them because they can provide better vapor compared to lower quality automatic batteries. I’m a fan of both types to be honest as long as they do the job well. Both the batteries Revolver supplied me with were the automatic design so I can’t comment on their manual option.

I usually like to comment on a companies packaging before I get into the meat of an e cigarette review because I think it’s important a company presents their product well. It often indicates how much thought they have given to putting their product together and gives an idea about how good the vaping experience is going to be. On this front Revolver have done a excellent job. The box your starter kit comes in is a joy to handle in a nicely designed matte black. The same look and feel continues with the cartomizer carton and the portable charging kit which gives this product a overall “branding” which is missing from a lot of the products on the market.


The Revolver’s Portable Battery Charger

The portable battery charger is probably the top selling point of the Revolver e cigarette. Compared to many of the packs available from other manufacturers this one is a real winner. It looks fantastic, feels awesome in your hands, and has enough power to recharge your battery several times before you need to plug it in again.

The portable charger will have your battery back at full power in a couple of hours so you don’t have to worry about every running short thanks to the two batteries supplied in your kit. Also, a portable charger is good for charging 4 batteries before you have to plug it back into the mains so it should last you a full day of vaping when you are out and about.

The only negative I can see with the charger pack is that it’s a bit bigger than the one offered by V2 cigs. You will still be able to fit it in the pocket of your jeans but it might be a bit less comfortable than you would like. For reference, it’s about the same size as a regular pack of Marlboros, but manufactured from solid plastic.

The pack features a push button light which I think is a gimmick they would have done better to leave out but it might come in handy if you drop your keys in the dark 🙂

It’s worth noting here that the batteries supplied are long lasting, giving a few hours of regular vaping before you need to recharge.

Vaping on the Revolver Ion

Actually using the Revolver Ion makes for a pleasurable vaping experience, in fact it’s a lot better than you’ll get with many products which have been on the market for the last couple of years. Taking a draw is nice and easy so you don’t feel like your lungs are going to collapse before you get the hit you’re looking for.


The taste of the carts out of the box is really nice when you get a good one. I’d put them up there with the V2 when you take a puff of a fresh cart, there is a problem with consistency though. Some of the carts lose a bit of the great taste too quickly as the liquid runs and when they can start to turn slightly plasticy, but this is a problem with many cartomizers on the market. Another problem is that one of the cartomizers i got didn’t have a great flavor from the get go, having an unpleasant taste I find it hard to describe. Getting consistency in the manufacture of carts seems to be a problem most brands have early in their development and I assume Revolver products will get better as they mature.

I only got a sample of the Tobacco Red carts which are supposed to emulate the flavor from a Marlboro. Of course they aren’t all that close in taste to this famous tobacco cigarette but they give off a vapor which is a pleasure to the palette when you get one of the better carts.

The all important vapor production on the Ion is great. You get large plumes of smoke without having to put in too much effort. On top of that the throat hit is good, very similar again to that supplied by the V2 cig.


For the price you pay for the Revolver Ion there isn’t a lot wrong with it. When you get your hands on one of their good carts it’s an excellent e cigarette to vape on with a lovely taste, vapor, and throat hit. Of course, I don’t love it as much as the Green Smoke with it’s fantastic Flavormax carts and monstrous vapor product, but at this price point I don’t think you can expect it to be the best electronic cig on the market. With the portable charging pack including in the starter kit you really have a great package for under 60 bucks. If they can work on cartomizer consistency I think we are going to be hearing a lot about this brand in the future.

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