Blu E Cigarettes In Canada – A Marketing Coup

Blu-cig has accomplished a major distribution and marketing coup by penetrating what has been heretofore a very antagonistic political climate. The innovative e-cig company has just announced an exclusive deal with a Canadian chain of convenience stores “Couche-Tard” which is the first retail outlet in the country to carry an e-cig brand. Health Canada and other official, governmental entities have discouraged the proliferation of vaping within Canada and have threatened seizure of mail ordered e-cigarettes at the borders.

Couche-Tard will initially offer the Blu-Cig brand in 500 stores across Quebec, with further plans to expand across Canada later this year. Couche-Tard is recognized as being the largest independent convenience store operator in North America with nearly 6000 retail locations across Canada and in the United States. Blu-Cig is poised to take advantage of this sprawling convenience store empire, having already started 2012 with expansion into over 20,000 retail locations in the United States alone. Blu-Cig remains a strong online presence as well.

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