The Exploding E Cigarette Story

A great deal of sensationalist press attention has been given to the news that a Florida man lost part of his tongue and several teeth after a so called “e-cigarette” exploded in his mouth. Hysterical reaction has taken this singular event and blown it into an excuse to ban e-cigarettes as unsafe.

What the yellow journalists fail to mention is any of the facts of the case. The first and most important being, Dudley Do-Wrong in Florida was not puffing away at any e-cigarette brand known in the U.S. but rather was attempting to vape on what the knowledgeable call a “mod”—a homemade e-cig wannabe that had a battery component that had been idiotically fiddled with by the end user. Most mods are put together from disparate components purchased separately online and have often been further altered to amp up the battery voltage by people who would be hard pressed to correctly change a flat tire let alone rewire a battery safely.

It has been estimated that millions of e-cig users have puffed away billions of times on reputable e-cigarette products without a single mishap being reported in anyway resembling this unfortunate incident. Virtually all e-cig retailers and manufacturers spell out quite plainly the safe usage of their product, discourage matching one brand’s battery unit with another’s cartomizer, and void warranties immediately upon evidence of end user tampering.

Basically if you aren’t an electrician, you’ve got no business redoing the wiring in your house—and if you burn the house down attempting it anyway, you have no one to blame but yourself. The same logic applies to any electronic device; and the bottom line is that any modification or repair undertaken is at the end user’s own risk. If you’re stupid enough to try to rewire or otherwise rework something electronic you later plan to put in your mouth—you’re a prime candidate for the top prize in next year’s Darwin Awards, and if you only lost teeth and part of your tongue to your stupidity, you were lucky.

New Multi Voltage e-Cig batteries

One of the reasons that less than bright people might try to attempt “do it yourself” modifications to existing e-cig batteries is because it has generally been noted that a higher voltage on an e-cig battery tends to deliver hotter vapor and in increased volumes. This in turn leads to a stronger and more satisfying taste experience more closely approximating a tobacco cigarette’s throat hit.

In a timely move given the event reported above, e-cig brand Innokin has just announced a new variable voltage e-cig called “The Innokin Infinity” which will SAFELY provide a vaper with greater control over vapor volume and taste.

Controlled by a newly developed computer microprocessor, the new Infinity e-cig allows the vaper to manually adjust battery voltage in a range from 3.3 -5.0 volts (in 1 v. increments) with just a few button presses.

The multi-voltage battery innovation allows the user to experiment with the best level of vapor and flavor without the need for dangerous “do it yourself” modifications to existing equipment. The battery component has three mode settings, including an off switch which prevents inadvertent battery drain and overheating of e-liquid cartridges when the vaper is not actively using the cigarette. The Infinity also sports a digital counter that informs the user how many puffs are left on the current battery charge.

Other features of the new Innokin Infinity include a magnetic coupler between battery and cartomizer (which replaces the old threaded screw attachment); green/yellow/red power level indicator lights and a clear cartomizer tank which allows a visual assessment of the amount of e-liquid remaining in the cartomizer. Additionally, the Infinity allows for while-you-vape recharges via a built in DC port that connects to a USB cable and which further boasts short circuit/atomizer protection.

With one company already leading the way with this timely innovation, it is to be hoped “the unfortunate case of the exploding Mod” will remain an isolated event.