E Cigarette News Round Up – 27th December 2011

Johnny Deep Helps Make e-cigs high profile

Millions of movie-goers were introduced to the concept of e cigarettes —possibly for the first time– by Johnny Depp’s use of one in the nifty caper movie, “The Tourist” last year. Meeting Angelina Jolie on a train, Depp’s character was openly vaping, and a bit of screen dialogue even provided the distinction between an e-cig and a paper cigarette.

Depp’s popularity and the brief mention of the device might not have created a rush on sales, but it did raise the concept of e-cigarettes in the public consciousness, and that is never a bad thing.

In other celebrity related vaping news—Britney Spears, who is somewhat more famous for off-screen shenanigans than her acting—recently became engaged to her long time boyfriend and credited e-cigs as having a role in the happy event. As part of a concerted effort to “clean up her act” Britney delayed her engagement as she made several positive changes in her life, transitioning off of tobacco and paper cigarettes first and foremost. The actress switched to e-cigs shortly after first hearing about them, and is reported to be a dedicated vaper—her favorite cartomizers flavor vanilla. Her boyfriend Jason Trawick reportedly joined her in the switch to e-cigs as well. Sounds like Ms Spears is off to a healthier lifestyle and a happier life in the New Year.

Social Networking pays off for Blu-Cigs

Blu-Cig’s recent forays into social networking media—previously reported here—have paid dividends to the electronic cigarette manufacturer. Already an industry leader, the Charlotte, North Carolina company has recently transitioned from online only retail sales to high profile placement in a number of bricks and mortar retail establishments including such popular retailers as Sheetz, Meijer, and H.E.B. as well as nationwide drug store chains, bars and independent retail sellers. Blu-Cigs plans on expanding its physical retail presence even more aggressively in the New Year.

Blu-Cig won’t be ignoring its online sales however—which increased in the last twelve month period an astonishing 70% over last year sales.

Changing the Look of Vaping

White Cloud e cigarettes is making an attempt to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, but appealing to the fashion savvy vaper.

E-cigs have generally attempted to mimic the look and feel of traditional smokes—many distinguished from the harmful real thing only on close inspection. This was not by accident since the rituals and social aspect of cigarette smoking is an important component in the psychology of the addiction. However, responding to customer surveys and feedback, White Cloud discovered that there is also a growing desire amongst its users to stand out from the crowd. By offering the ability to personalize the vaping experience, White Cloud is capitalizing on this demographic.

Calling their innovation “Vapor Jackets” the innovation is cut to size, and then slipped over the e-cig cartridges where the heat of the unit heat shrinks the jacket to fit; thereby avoiding the use of adhesives which can ruin batteries. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, and at a reasonable cost of a suggested 4.99 for a pack of seven jackets, the Vapor Jackets are proving a popular commodity.

An Important Endorsement?

Recently the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) issued a statement that may go a long way towards circumventing the trend in recent months of questioning e-cig health risk and public banning of their use.

The AAPHP is favoring a “permissive approach” to e-cigs and vaping even while information is being gathered and research done in on the topic of safety and risks to health of the devices. Citing the e-cigs potential to save the lives of four of the eight million estimated current American cigarette smokers who will otherwise succumb to tobacco related illness in the next two decades, the organization has stressed the fact that the harm done smokers by traditional cigarettes is not done in the delivery of nicotine but the toxicity of the smoke which is its byproduct. The facts and figures are hard to argue with. The AAPHP has stated that the average smoker can reduce their risk of death by 98% by switching to a smokeless tobacco product—and by 99% or better by using a nicotine only delivery system such as the electronic cigarette. For the full text of the AAPHP statement click here.

The organization further noted that a long term study of the effect of inhaled nicotine revealed that there was no rate of tumor formation in lab rats that were exposed 20 hours a day, five days a week to double the nicotine concentration in their air supply as is found in the average heavy smoker. The study concluded that there was no harmful effect to inhaling nicotine in its pure form—the only noted side effect was a loss of body mass in the rats. This is important to note—as many a smoker keeps up the habit because they fear getting fat by quitting! For more information click here.