The Premium E Cigarette Review

Over the last few months I’ve tried a number of e cigarettes which haven’t lived up to my expectations. You would think that after four years of research and development the majority of manufacturers would have figured out how to produce a product which is of the very highest quality, but there are definitely things about many e cigs which could be a lot better.

After doing my safe cig micro review recently I realized that there are still devices out there I haven’t tried which are actually rather good and my urge to find more e cigarettes to review which are enjoyable to use has increased.

The premium e cigarette was the next brand on my list to try and I was looking forward to getting my hands on it after reading a number of positive reviews on the Internet. Read on to find out if I was right to expect great things form this brand.

Premium E Cigarette Starter Kit Box

What Do You Get In A Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Electronic Cigarette comes in a well made cardboard box which is on a par with the offerings from companies such as Green Smoke, South Beach and Electronic Cigarettes Inc.

Inside your starter kit box you will find:

  • A couple of rechargable batteries
  • 6 nicotine cartridges – I was supplied with high strength tobacco flavor
  • 1 USB Charger for charging batteries from your laptop
  • An AC Adapter for mains charging


I also received a pack of 5 high strength menthol cartridges courtesy of Premium

The Premium starter kit, which normally retails at $79.95, is pretty basic in terms of accessories provided but is standard issue compared to most of the other popular brands on the market. Having said that if you look at some of the kits you can pick up from V2 cigs at low prices the box does seem a little empty.

Premium also do kits with really cool custom battery patterns which look fantastic and will really help you stand out from the crowd. They are expensive at $110 for a kit but if you don’t mind spending a bit more they are definitely worth a look.

Compare Premium To Other Brands

The E Cigarette

First impressions of the Premium E Cig are good. This 2 piece e cigarette is very similar in look and feel to many of those devices which I have reviewed previously, especially the Green Smoke and South Beach.

How does it smoke?

  • It is nice and easy to get a draw out of it
  • It provides a good quality throat when you take a large draw
  • Their tobacco flavor carts are very enjoyable
  • Above average vapor production make this a realistic cigarette replacement

What could be better about the Premium Electronic Cigarette?

  • I wasn’t overly keen on the Menthol flavor carts, preferring the ones sold by V2 and Green Smoke
  • The overall experience of using the Premium falls a tiny bit short of my top rated e cigarettes
  • I got a little nicotine liquid in my mouth with a couple of the cartridges I used.
Premium E Cigarette Refills

Refill Cartridge Flavors

One thing that sets Premium apart from the competition is the number of different flavors they offer to their customers. If you are someone who likes to experiment with tastes as wildly different from your tobacco cigarettes as possible then this is a brand you will want to have on your short list. You can buy anything from cola and clove to grape and watermelon in 5 nicotine levels. I usually stick to tobacco flavors myself, but if you like to mix up the look and taste of your vaping experience you should look no further.

E Cigarette Accessories

Premium offer an above average amount of accessories to go along with their e cigs, it’s just unfortunate they don’t offer them in their kits at a discount price. In their shop you will find the following add ons to make your vaping experience a bit more fun:

  • An e cigarette stand to keep your Premium conveniently at hand when you are sitting at your desk.
  • A car charger
  • A number of different portable charger packs and carry cases
  • The aforementioned custom batteries
The Premium Electronic Cigarette


The Premium is an e cigarette worthy of it’s name in the respect that it delivers a high quality experience to the user. The tobacco flavor carts are one of the tastiest available and they have plenty of choice for smokers who are looking for something fruity instead of the more traditional flavor.

There are other brands out there though which I would have to put ahead of the Premium for anyone looking for my advice on what to buy. The massive vapor production of the Green Smoke make it a more realistic smoke, the more natural tasting carts of the safe cig make it more enjoyable, and the V2 offer a vast range of accessories with their kits at outstanding prices.

Having said that, if what matters to you is choice of flavors and the ability to customize the appearance of your personal vaporizer then the Premium is definitely worth considering.

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