E Cigarette News Round Up – 4th November 2011

Cancer Center Throws Support To Program Promoting Smokeless Products over Tobacco

One of the major hurdles to widespread acceptance of e-cigarettes in the United States as an ideal and healthful alternative to tobacco smoking has been the a lack of studies showing the benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking and a general tendency within the medical community to condemn smokeless tobacco as equally as it does tobacco. A new program called “Switch and Quit” being undertaken by the James Graham Brown Center and the University of Louisville in Louisville Kentucky may finally be a step in the right direction.

While focusing mainly on swapping out tobacco cigarettes for smokeless tobacco pouches called “snus” and dissolvable nicotine tablets, the “Switch and Quit” Program is an important first step in wider acceptance of all nicotine based smoking alternatives. Administered by Professor Brad Rodu of the University of Louisville through his grant money, the program addresses the fact that most U.S. smokers are misinformed about the relative risks of smokeless “smoking”—falling for the Center for Disease Control and the FDA’s propaganda that all forms of tobacco use—even those that eliminate the proven carcinogenic method of lighting up a tobacco and paper cigarette—are equally risky. Even though studies in Britain have long shown that smokeless alternatives are 90 percent less harmful than traditional smoking, the CDC and FDA continue to support the rigorous regulation of all alternatives in a way that has never been true of the use of tobacco itself.

It’s hoped that with a major Cancer Center throwing support to the “Switch and Quit” effort, that more attention and more funding will become available in the U.S. which proves what most of us already know—that smokeless cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

E-cig Sponsored Event to Raise Money for Wounded Veterans

In honor of Veteran’s Day (November 11) electronic cigarette company Totally Wicked e-Liquid is hosting an invitation only event at their vaping lounge in Braedenton Florida and have announced that 25 cents of every $1 spent on their new e-fluid product “Patriot Range” will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project which aids wounded war veterans. The event will feature not only the chance to try out the new cartomizer flavor but will also offer drink, food and various giveaways, auctions and raffles. For more information on the event visit: http://www.totallywicked-eliquid.com.

Misplaced Focus on E Cigarette Ban for Minors in Idaho?

The State of Idaho is looking at banning the use of e-Cigs by youngsters under 18 years old, even though the demographic within the state of e-Cig users is slanted toward middle aged male users. Northern Idaho legislators are sponsoring a resolution banning the sales of e-Cigs to minors who can buy e-cigs in all but 6 states in the US but are prohibited from purchasing tobacco products, on the theory that e-cigs will somehow attract the younger generation into smoking tobacco products.

School officials and store owners have been quoted as being confounded by the proposed ban as their own experiences indicate that teenagers are the least likely to use e-Cigs. Virtually no use of e-Cigs has been noted on Idaho school campuses and youth smoking cessation groups report that of the small numbers of their members that have reported trying the devices, few admitted liking them. At the same time, the “coolness” factor still exists for smoking traditional cigarettes unabated among that demographic. Store owners in the state already keep e-Cigs behind their counters and sell only to those buyers 18 years of age and older.

According to statistics from the American Lung Association, roughly 14.5 percent of Idaho high school students smoke tobacco cigarettes which while less than the national average, is still a significant number. Perhaps the money being directed at banning e-cigs among the age group could be better targeted at making traditional tobacco less attractive to the age group.

Electronic cigarettes Gaining Popularity in India

While e-Cigs have been around elsewhere for several years, significant penetration of the smoking alternative into the Indian subcontinent has only occurred in the last few months. India is now poised to become a major market for the devices. In just the first few months several websites based in India have sprung up, and a growing number of tobacconists in local neighborhoods have begun offering electronic cigarettes for sales in their shops.

In India E-cigs are being marketed primarily as a healthful choice over tobacco cigarettes although there are critics who consider the devices might be inducing more people to smoke who have never smoked before, this has not been borne out in other countries with a longer history of their use.