E Cigarette News Round Up – 18th November 2011

In a bold marketing strategy, two leading e-Cig manufacturers are taking canny advantage of the current public obsession with social media.

BluCigs, based in Charlotte NC in the US has introduced a new product called “the social pack”—a reusable pack of their flagship e cigarette with Wi-Fi built into the pack. Whenever a BluCig user comes within a 50 feet radius of another, the pack vibrates and flashes the signature BluCig blue light. The pack also detects and alerts on retail outlets that sell the product line.

BluCig is also coordinating with Facebook and Twitter to allow their product users to connect with each other via the packs, after their “virtual encounter” while out and about. Plans are progressing for a Smartphone app, a BluCig user tracking app and an eventual link to Smartphones as a means to give users feedback on how much they vape. BluCig’s founder was especially anxious at a recent press conference to extol the virtues of his eCig as a miniature “wingman”, enabling the savvy guy on the prowl to hook up with the girl of his dreams—as long as she’s another BluCig User.

VCig, a leading e cig manufacturer and retailer in the UK, made its own social media inroads lately by sponsoring a Facebook competition which allowed all users who “liked” their page to earn a VCig starter kit for free. They have since started a monthly competition on Twitter giving a free starter kit to one lucky Tweeter whose name is drawn from those signing up to follow VCig on the social network.

Marketing strategies such as these, targeting popular social media sites, claims VCig director Ben Austin, encourages a more personal interaction with potential customers and reaches a much wider customer base accordingly.

With their finger on the pulse of social media, these eCig pioneers can also improve their product more quickly in response to customer feedback and get the jump on trends ahead of the less well socially connected pack.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is national Lung Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign designed to bring attention to issues related to this number one cancer killer. This is an excellent time for dedicated vapers to get the word out. While the federals and some health officials continue to debate how safe vaping is, the fact cannot be denied that smoking tobacco cigarettes exposes smokers to thousands of chemicals and irritants that put them at greater risk—almost certainty—of developing lung cancer or a range of other diseases. The electronic cigarette may deliver nicotine, but harmful tar and carbon monoxide along with many other poisons are though to be absent from the vapor they produce.

Bull Smoke is promoting eCigs during this important campaign by offering a $50 discount code (“SMOKEFREE”) towards the purchase of any of its line of starter kits.

Christmas electronic cigarette giving

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, there has never been a better time to introduce to those tobacco smokers on your list that have been promising to quit all year, a chance to make good on those resolutions before New Year’s Day. With so many eCigs manufacturers now in the market, holiday competition is fierce and good bargains are out there just waiting to be taken advantage of.

A well appointed starter kit is a good place to start—and depending on your budget you should be able to find a quality product to fit any recipient. Kits are available tailored to the social smoker, the smoking couple, the fashion forward smoker, the smoker on a budget and every other permutation of soon-to-be former tobacco users.

Virtually all kits come with eCig batteries and cartomizers, car chargers, and wall adapters and depending on which manufacturer and kid model you choose, are an economical way to introduce friends and family to the joys and benefits of vaping.

And speaking of economy—a good strategy to employ along with the gift of an e cig starter kit to that inveterate tobacco smoker on your list is to enlighten them on the money they can save by switching from tobacco to vaping—with the average cartomizers lasting as long as two packs of cigarettes, it won’t take a math genius to calculate the incredible savings to be had –but if you need any visual aids, most eCig retailers provide a savings calculator such as the one on V2 cig’s website.