E Cigarette News Round Up – 11th November 2011

Study Says e-Cigs Help Even Those Who Don’t Want To Quit

As recently reported in an article by the American Council for Science and Health confirmed something already well proven anecdotally—that e-cigarettes have the positive effect of helping smokers cut down and often quit their cigarette smoking—mostly startling, even in those smokers who had no stated intention of cutting down or quitting their dependence on tobacco.

A small study conducted in Italy provided a group of adults with a stated “regular smoking” habit with an electronic cigarette and cartomizers refills for a period of six months. The study compliance required only that the participants complete a baseline assessment and follow up with four periodic clinic visits, with the group being told to use the e-cig as they pleased. At no time were the smokers in the study told to quit or cut down smoking regular cigarettes, and none had heretofore expressed any interest in smoking cessation.

At the conclusion of the study, 22.5 percent of the study participants volunteered the information that they had completely quit smoking conventional cigarettes; a further 32.5 percent reported that they had reduced their tobacco cigarette consumption by at least 50 percent. What is most significant about these statistics that approved smoking cessation devices (nicotine patches, gum, etc) can only boast a 20 percent cessation rate for similar length trials—and even then this rate is for people motivated to quit by a strong desire who are followed more closely in clinical settings.

Approximating a “real life” scenario where there is no motivation, reward or support for quitting smoking it is significant that the rates of quitting and cutting down are so competitive in this study – which bodes well for even higher quit rates among smokers highly motivated to quit.

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