E Cigarette News Round Up – 25th November 2011

The Fame Game

In our celebrity mad culture it is always a good thing when high profile personalities come out in support of something which the public might find helpful.

Katherine Heigl, “Grays Anatomy” and movie star has gone on the record as being a committed vaper. Her e cigarette of choice is Smokestik for which she serves as a spokesman and has an agreement with the manufacturer that a percentage of sales are donated to her favorite charity, a dog rescue.

Similarly the band Sweet Harlots, whose previous claim to fame was being the band that played at Prince William’s bachelor shindig on the eve of his wedding recently caused a stir at the Classic Rock Awards. The bank openly puffed away on their Vapesticks during the ceremony that was held at the Roundhouse Theatre in London recently.

The Sweet Harlots also use their e-cigarettes in their stage show, as props and actively promote vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking amongst their fans.

With a good number of celebrities being examples best to avoid, it is heartwarming to see these folks stepping up to the plate to promote a smoking alternative that is still not well understood by the general public and persecuted by lawmakers.

New Bricks and Mortar shop lets you buy e cigarettes in Minnesota

Following hard on the heels of the recent e-cig retail venues in Florida and New York, a new retail e-cigarette shop has opened in Anoka, Minnesota.

Owned by former 3 pack a day smoker Steve Ryan his is the first retail shop in the state devoted solely to e-Cig sales and service. Ryan had tried all the other smoking cessation products and devices with no success, then he discovered electronic cigarettes and within two weeks had become a dedicated vaper giving up tobacco cigarettes forever. He hasn’t looked back, and felt so strongly about the health benefits of the device that he became a licensed retailer. Rather than promoting one particular brand, Steve offers vapers a choice of products with several different kinds of kits ranging in price from low to high.

Ryan also goes to great pains to educate the public about e-cigs and vaping, stressing the benefit of a alternative to traditional cigarettes which contain over 4000 chemicals many toxic, pointing out that the e-cig operates on one chemical alone—nicotine, and the dosage delivery can be tapered down to zero. While recent federal rhetoric has accused e-cigs of using and having potentially harmful chemicals in the cartomizers and vapor delivery systems, Ryan has gone public pointing out that the ingredient often singled out for scorn– propylene glycol– is a common food additive and is considered safe. He also stresses the financial savings of e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes to his customers.

Ryan’s shop is located at: 530 W. Main St., Anoka

Innokin AIO Pack

We recently reported on BluCig’s social media friendly e-Cig pack; now other e-cig manufacturers are introducing e-cig packs that could revolutionize the industry.

Innokin has introduced their AIO pack –about the same size as a pack of standard tobacco cigarettes but which offers not only a handy carrying case for their e-cigs, but also the ability to charge several vapes at once, regardless of brand and thread type. The pack holds the e-cigs in place by friction and can automatically sense when a batter in one of the cig has shorted, and thereby avoid sending a current surge. This protects both the pack itself and minimizes fire hazards. The AIO Pack has a built in li-on rechargeable batter and sports different connectors for DC in and out, including a 2.0 DC round port for charging the built-in battery and a USB for charging the other devices. Charge level is indicated by a three color LED light available at the push of a button. The Innokin AIO comes in a kit with a charge box and three power connectors for iPhones/iPods, a miniUSB and a Micro USB for the other Smartphone types as well as their own connector.

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