V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke: What is the Best E Cigarette on the Market?

If there is one question I get asked more than any other by readers of this blog it’s which brand comes out on top in the battle of V2 Vs Green Smoke. If you have read my electronic cigarette reviews on the front page of the site you will have noticed that Green Smoke is my top pick, with V2 pushed into second place. You might think this would be enough information for people to opt for Green Smoke instead of the V2, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Many people take a look at both web sites and see that both companies seem to offer something a little bit different. It’s not always as easy as just picking the one product which I happen to believe is the best e cigarette on the market.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between V2 and Green Smoke from the perspective of a potential buyer who visits both their sites (click here to open both the V2 and Green Smoke web sites to see how they look for yourself):

What stands out about the V2 compared to Green Smoke for people who find themselves looking at both websites?

1. They offer a variety of different colors of battery (white, black, stainless steel and cool blue) compared to just a couple of color options at Greensmoke (white and pink).

2. They have a great selection of different flavored carts to cater for all possible tastes.

V2 Cartridge Flavors available include:

  • V2 Red
  • V2 Congres
  • V2 Sahara
  • V2 Menthol
  • V2 Peppermint
  • V2 Mint Tea (Now Available!)
  • V2 Cherry
  • V2 Vanilla
  • V2 Chocolate
  • V2 Coffee
  • V2 Cola (Limited Edition)
  • V2 Grape (Limited Edition)

Green Smoke’s slightly less impressive range includes:

  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Red Label Tobacco
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha Mist
  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Vanilla Dreams
  • Mountain Clove

3. V2 e cigarettes have a larger number of kits available at a variety of price points so there is something for all budgets. You can spend anything from $34.95 for the beginners e cigarette starter kit all the way up to $143.96 for the Ultimate Kit which comes with more accessories than you can shake a stick at. Green Smoke on the other hand only offer the Express Kit at $59.97, and the Pro Kit which comes in at $99.97.

4. V2 electronic cigarettes can be purchased with a massive number of different cool accessories which make your new cigarette replacement a lot more fun and convenient to use.

Some of the accessories you can find for sale on their web site which are not yet available with Green Smoke cigs are:

  • A really nice new Soft Case for carrying your kit around.
  • A universal adapter which will allow you to use cartridges from other manufacturers along with your V2 batteries.
  • A Portable Charging case which will allow you to charge your batteries while you are on the move and don’t have access to a power point.

Green Smoke, who are currently working on a couple of new accessories, only offer a standard carry case, a leather case, and a USB Cigarette.

5. V2 Refill nicotine cartridges are cheaper – $2 each compared with over $3 a pop, although the Green Smoke ones are larger/last longer

6. Like for like you will spend quite a bit less cash if you get your starter kit from V2, even if you take into account the fact they don’t offer free shipping.

What are the similarities between the two companies?

Both offer you a 30 day money back guarantee meaning you can try out their product and ship it back for a refund if you are not happy with it. This is great for people who have never tried a smokeless cigarette before who don’t know if it’s going to suit them.

So after listing all these advantages of the V2 why is the Green Smoke still my top rated e cigarette?

  1. The first and foremost reason for Green Smoke getting my number 1 spot is to do with the most important consideration when we buy electronic cigarettes, and that’s the fact that it’s simply a better smoking replacement than anything else I’ve reviewed. The Green Smoke e cigarette, in my opinion, offers a better quality of vapor which makes using it a more satisfying and realistic experience. When you take a draw on this device it just feels more like you are smoking a regular cigarette than any of the other products in my e cigarette reviews thanks to the great throat hit and thick vapor.
  2. Although V2 offers a much wider range of flavors I’m the kinda guy who likes to stick with the tobacco offerings from e cigarette manufacturers. The new Flavormax carts from Green Smoke taste better and are more “realistic” than those from any other company.
  3. V2, and many other brands, offer products made from “off-the-shelf” parts, which means that their products don’t differ all that much from many other companies on the market. Green Smoke on the other hand has had their batteries and carts manufactured specifically for themselves which means you are getting something made to their own exacting specifications that’s unavailable from any other source. The extra cash the company has put into research and development of unique smokeless cigarettes is really starting to pay dividends as their product moves ahead of the competition. This determination to provide something that little bit special is probably part of the reason they have fallen behind the competition when it comes to releasing accessories such as the portable charging pack.

So Who Should Buy V2 E Cigs?

So as you can see, these two devices offer something a bit different for the consumer. You should buy a V2 electronic cigarette if:

  1. You want an e cig with a wide variety of accessories which make the product easier to use in every day life, and a few options to customize your purchase.
  2. You are looking to spend as little cash as possible but still need to get a discount electronic cigarette they will be happy to use over the long term.
  3. You are interested in trying as many different non-tobacco flavors as possible.

Who Should Buy Green Smoke E Cigarettes?

You should opt for Green Smoke over V2 if:

  1. You don’t mind spending more money to buy a top rated e cigarette.
  2. You have to have the best vapor cigarette on the market.

There you have it. I hope this post has made it a little bit clearer which of these products is the best option for your own particular needs and budget. If you have any more questions get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer.

For more information on these products read my V2 Cigs Review and Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review.

3 thoughts on “V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke: What is the Best E Cigarette on the Market?”

  1. Thanks for the honest and sincere reviews. I’m researching eCigs for my patients as a safer alternative for getting their nicotine fix, and for my mother-in-law, whose house is heavy with “regular” smoke.

    Thanks again!

    Doc Rings

  2. When was the green smoke vs V2 article written? I ask because I’m trying to decide between the two, and it seems that V2 has made some changes that have most people saying it is the best. I like the idea of a manual button because I don’t want there to be an air gap, or have to fight for a drag…basically I want it to feel like I’m smoking a real cig (get a good drag with little effort) Would you still say that Green Smoke is the best…as of 2/21/2012?

    1. Hi Brian

      My v2 review was written about 8 months ago.

      I’ve heard V2 have made some changes although I’m sure what they are. I’m actually smoking on a v2 at this very moment because I’ve run out of carts for my green smoke but the I’ve had the v2 carts for a few months so I’m not sure if they have changed their e liquid since I got these.

      I do like the manual button on the V2 because it gives you a good draw pretty much instantly, but I find the Green Smoke batteries and carts are so good they don’t need a button. I suppose it just comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

      For me the Green Smoke sells a better e cigarette than the V2, but it doesn’t have the same accessories available. I prefer smoking it, and that’s the reason I use it most of the time. If you want a portable charger then the one from V2 is pretty good. Green smoke do have a charger in the works though and hopefully it will be available before long.

      I like the carts from both companies. V2 has some really nice flavors but the ‘mouth feel’ of the green smoke vapor is more to my liking.

      As you can see I find it hard to give concrete advice to someone who is trying to choose between the two 🙂 Both are a good products and you’ll probably be happy whichever you decide to buy.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


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