The Safe Cig Micro Review

It’s been over three years since I started this web site and decided to do electronic cigarette reviews to help people choose the best product for their money. If you asked me why, in all that time, I had never done a review of the safe cig I would find it hard to give an answer. After all, this is one of the most popular devices on the US market and was one of the first to become available in this country.

When the company released the safe cig micro recently I finally decided it was time to get my hands on one of their kits and give it a test drive. I contacted the company and they were good enough to send me out a free sample with a bunch of refill carts.

I’m going to come right out an say it, I’m was really impressed with the Safe Cig as soon as I opened up my package and took my first draw. This is an exceptionally good product and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t taken the time to write up a review of it before now.

The first thing you’ll notice if you fork out the cash and receive your package in the mail is just how professional this outfit is compared to the vast majority of others in the marketplace. If you read their web site you will learn that Safe Cig claim to be the only US company to privately fund their own research, development and engineering of the products they sell. Many companies simply sell rebranded generic e cigs which means you can buy the same product from another company. Safe Cig on the other hand sell e cigarettes which cannot be purchased elsewhere, and which are manufactured to their own exacting standards.

This higher attention to producing a top quality is evident as soon as you open up the package with your Safe Cig Micro. Your starter kit comes in a delightful cigarette shaped box which closely resembles a pack of Marlboro. Contained inside the compact box is a couple of batteries, 7 refill carts, and your USB charger. In my opinion it’s the finest packaging from any manufacturer on the market. Instead of a simple cardboard box with the components placed inside with little thought, you get an ingenious package which indicates a company who puts a huge mount of thought into their products and are committed to being in this game over the long term.

Safe Cig USB Charger

Taking a look at something as simple as the USB charger provided with the Micro is an indicator of dedication Safe Cig have to quality. Compared to the simple black charger you get with something like the Cigarti and Apollo you have a beautiful little white USB connector with sleek lines and some nice branding. It also has an auto cut off switch when your battery has charged so you don’t have to worry about ruining your batteries if you aren’t around to unplug them when the charging is complete. This is definitely a cut above what you get from the average e cig company.

Safe Cig Vs White Cloud

Taking the Micro cig itself in your hands you realize that the product really lives up to it’s name, it extremely small. In fact this new Safe Cig is almost exactly the same size as the very expensive White Cloud, but costs a paltry $60 for the starter kit. At first sight this product looks like a bit of a bargain.

How Does The Safe Cig Micro Vape?

Of course all the style and quality of an e cig amounts for nothing if it’s not a lot of fun to actually use. Thankfully the Safe Cig lives up to our initial impressions and offers a very realistic cigarette replacement. The 18 MG nicotine carts I’ve tested offer fantastic flavor and a perfect throat hit for someone who is used to smoking regular strength cigarettes.

I can’t tell if the battery on this device has a cut off to regulate how long you can take a draw, but if it does then it runs longer than you need to get an awesome throat hit. There is also no need to take a primer puff, with the battery activating as soon as you start to inhale.

Vapor production of the Safe Cig Micro isn’t it’s strongest point although it produces enough “smoke” to give the required effect. The carts I received with my kit produce less vapor than my V2, and a lot less than the Green Smoke monster. Whether of not this is going to be a deal breaker will depend on your own personal preference but I could certainly be happy using the Safe Cig as my primary device even with the lowish vapor output. I feel that it makes up for this failing thanks to the natural tasting liquids and perfect throat hit.

I was sent the Royale and Trinidad flavor carts and can honestly say I really liked both of them. Royale is a traditional tobacco style while the Trinidad had a hint of Apricot.

Safe Cig Vs Green Smoke

Safe Cig Micro Battery Life

The one criticism I’ve heard about the Micro from my searching the Internet is the fact that the batteries don’t last long enough and I have to report that this is a genuine concern for heavy smokers who are out of the house a lot. If you vape on an almost constant basis then you might find yourself getting frustrated with the Micro, I’m finding batteries are lasting me about three hours before needing to be recharged. For those of you who spend a lot of time at the computer where you can easily recharge when needed, or only use the e cig on social occasions this might not be such a big deal. If you spend all day out and about without access to a USB port you might need to look elsewhere, especially since Safe Cig don’t offer a portable charging pack like V2, Cigarti and Blu Cigs. On the plus side the batteries do recharge to full power much quicker than those from most other brands.

Micro Refill Cartridges

One of things that kind of put me off the Safe Cig originally was the fact they didn’t offer a wide range of flavors. They stuck rigidly to the traditional tobacco flavors and the obligatory menthol for the reason they didn’t want to be seen to be encouraging use of their products by minors. While this was an admirable approach which other companies were unwilling to take it was also a little annoying that users couldn’t have a selection of tastes available to help keep things interesting.

Safe Cig Cartridge

With the introduction of the Micro Safe Cig have decided to take a new approach, and that is to give us the option of a wide variety of different “tobacco” flavors. These new refill cartridges come with great names such as Madagascar, Madrid and Moroccan allowing the company to provide vapers with plenty of choice without compromising their morals. It’s a nice solution to the problem of not wanting to appear to be promoting to kids while still offering the hard core user a selection of flavors which will ensure they can find something which suits them, and plenty of options so they never get bored.

The carts themselves also look and feel fantastic with a nice white matte finish, the Safe Cig logo, and color bands according to the flavor of the liquid inside. The only thing that could perhaps be changed would be if they put the name of the flavor on the cartridge somewhere to make it easier to tell what you are screwing onto your battery, but there is the chance that could ruin the slick look.


The Safe Cig is an outstanding e cigarette product which I wish I had done a review of years ago. It provides a great vaping experience with a fantastic throat hit and very tasty, natural flavors. It also comes in the best box I’ve seen from any brand I’ve tried, and gives the overall impression of a industry leading device in terms of quality.

This product does have it’s downsides however which stops me from awarding it the award for best e cigarette on the market. If Safe Cig could boost the amount of vapor produced just a touch and improve the batteries to double their life span then there wouldn’t be many e cigs which could compete with this brand.