E Cigarette News Round Up – 13th October 2011

Here are just a few of this week’s stories in the E-Cigarette/Vaping world!

Department of Transportation Considering Banning E-Cigs on Flights

Smoking has been banned on airlines for many years, and rightly given the dangers of second hand smoke in closed air circulation system, never mind the danger from lighters and open flame in the age of terrorism. E-Cigs have fallen under the general ban on smoking, but this has not prevented a few enthusiastic users of the smokeless device from lighting up on flights.

E-cigarettes look just like the real thing—and while they only deliver a nicotine charged vapor to the users and not bystanders, are not easily identifiable to the uninformed public. In July a Utah man was arrested after a fight broke out on a Southwest airlines flight—he lit up his Electronic cig, a nearby passenger objected to his action, and the situation deteriorated into violence.

Incidents such as this are behind the Department of Transportation closing the definition of smoking on jetliners to include electronic cigarettes, so that passengers will be in doubt. A spokesman from the DOT was quoted as saying: “There is a lack of scientific data and knowledge of the ingredients in electronic cigarettes…and this new rule would enhance passenger comfort and reduce any confusion surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes in flight.”

The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, an advocacy group for E-cig users and the practice of “vaping” has opposed the ban, stressing that the electronic devices have no emissions except what the user inhales directly into their lungs and correctly pointing out that the use of colognes and perfumes on airplanes is more annoying and intrusive than the use of an e-Cig could ever be.

The DOT’s ban would prohibit e-Cigs and vaping on all U.S. and foreign airlines on scheduled flights to and from the United States. Also under consideration is extending the ban to charter flights.

Public comment will be accepted by the government until November 14—time to make your voice as an e-Cig user heard.

Rock Stars: The New Face of Vaping?

It is an inarguable fact that actors and musicians are often trendsetters, not just in fashion, music in film but also in the public perception of certain other activities. Rock stars in particular have long been the bad boys—castigated for drug use and other less than savory behaviors.

E-Cig manufacturer Revolver Electronic Cigarettes is seeking a way to not only promote the practice of Vaping over smoking to the betterment of their business, but also as a way –perhaps to put the rock stars as the vanguard of a healthful habit for a change. Band members from several bands including Godsmack, Sick Puppies and Seether have extolled not only the healthy alternative to smoking tobacco, but the ability to use an e-Cig within airport confines during long layover, on their band tour buses—and not having to be banished outside of buildings into questionable weather and personal safety situations.

Revolver spent this last summer working in concert with Backstage Artist Lounge—a company that serves as liaison between product manufacturers and musicians—a kind of “meet and greet” facilitator regarding branding and endorsements. The preliminary feedback has been good as musicians recognize that lungs less compromised by harmful tobacco smoke lead to greater endurance on stage and better general health.

Vaping Bars: The Wave of the Future?

Even as the general public becomes more educated about the practice of e-Cigarette smoking, aka “vaping”, e-Cig users are still subject to ostracism, complains, ejection from bars and pubs which generally ban cigarette use of any type from any area near employees and bar staff—even in those few areas where smoking indoors isn’t banned outright.

A pub in East Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, The Blue Bell on Riverhead in Driffield, is bucking the trend by touting itself as the first “Vaping Bar” in the UK, and possibly the world. Here e-Cigs are not merely tolerated with bar staff looking pointedly the other way; electric cigarette users are welcomed and celebrated.

As part of a concerted effort by e-Cig manufacturers and advocacy groups to promote the use of electronic cigarettes and stop the rising tide of banning, this establishment may just be the first of many more to come!

e-Cigarettes emit no chemical fumes into the passive environment, are smokeless and tar free, with the targeted nicotine vapor being inhaled into the user’s lungs only—it should be a no-brainer that at some point in the future, e-Cigs will be exempt from anti smoking legislation and draconian rule making that has, thus far, made widespread acceptance problematic.

Here’s to the future!

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