E Cigarette News Round Up – 18th October 2011

A few of the interesting developments in the e cigarette universe:

All e-Cig Store opens in the Big Apple

Last week we reported on the opening of the world’s firs vaping bar in the UK. This week brings the announcement the first store devoted to e-Cigs and related products has opened in New York City. Prior to the launch of Vape New York, in Queens earlier this month, smokeless cigarettes have mostly been available only through mail order, and the few retail outlets that carried the products did so a high price and virtually no selection. The new store not only offers customers a wide variety of smokeless cigarette models and accessories but also allows them to try products free.

A large part of Vape New York’s mission is to spread the word on the benefits of vaping over smoking and education the public and lawmakers about the practice. This is especially important as the state of New York has been attempting to ban the indoor use of e-Cigs as they have tobacco cigarettes.

In addition to providing literature and videos on the subject—as well as the “try it free” option, Vape New York offers a monthly get-together in the store on the last Sunday of each month to bring vapers and smokers together to talk and ask questions.

Hopefully this is just the first place of many which will will allow vapors who prefer brick and mortar shopping to buy e cigarettes in stores.

E-cigs boost worker productivity?

A recent survey has revealed a not very surprising truth about vaping in the workplace—a relatively rare event in the modern world, but one that is gaining ground, and perhaps with these survey results, acceptance.

The survey has revealed that offices which allow vaping over those that don’t have noted a dramatic rise in worker productivity. Employees who formerly had to wait for breaks and lunchtime to sneak outside to satisfy nicotine cravings are instead transformed into calm, composed workers better able to focus on their work and not their next cigarette. Workers in these offices took fewer breaks over all, and displayed greater concentration on the tasks at hand, hence the resultant increase in productivity overall.

As vaping continues to gain public acceptance, hopefully more surveys and studies will be done that will support these conclusions and allow the practice of office vaping to become more widespread.

Veppo Forced to Change e-Liquid Names Under Pressure from Big Tobacco

Veppo, a leading name in electronic cigarettes and related products was recently forced to change the names of two of its vaporizers under legal threat from Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds. Veppo has changed the name of its Marlboro inspired flavor to “My Burro” and their Camel approximation to “Two Humps”. The two Big Tobacco giants felt in their complaint that the logos and “word marks” used to promote these e-Liquids constituted copyright infringement.

Veppo CEO and founder Keith King, announced the name changes as “being in the spirit of cooperation with Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds” and as a courtesy rather than a response to direct legal action. King noted that as e-Cigs become better known as a smoking alternative, that Big Tobacco will increasingly place the industry under scrutiny. He assured end users that the Veppo products themselves remain unchanged, that only the names will be different. By approximating the flavor of such well known tobacco brands, Veppo has made significant inroads into brand loyal tobacco users and given them one less reason stick to tobacco cigarette use.

E-Cig Company petitions White House!

Safe Cig, in conjunction with the group Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association has submitted a petition to the White House requesting the Obama Administration recognize electronic cigarettes as an effective alternative to smoking and support job creation in this new industry.

Citing administration support of electric cigarettes and the practice of vaping as a means to “reduce the societal costs of smoking while creating jobs in a new sector that has grown significantly in the past two years”, Founder of The Safe Cig has issued an appeal to vaping enthusiasts to “take a moment to sign up on The White House Web site and sign the petition”. Deak also recommends that signers link to the petition via their Facebook and Twitter accounts and email friends and family to support the petition.

Click on the link and show your support for this alternative to tobacco smoking today!

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