E Cigarette News Round Up – 25th October 2011

Here are a few news stories from the frontlines of the Vaping world!

V4L Smokeless Lounge, the Chicago Area’s first dedicated “vaping” facility to open

We recently reported on the grand opening of the first English pub dedicating to vaping, this week’s news brings the announcement of a dedicated vaping facility in the Chicago area!

The V4L Smokeless Lounge located in Northbrook, IL will open its doors on November 1, 2011. Established by leading e-cigarette manufacturer Vapor4Life, the Lounge is Located at 4100 Commercial Ave., Northbrook, IL and will feature V4L’s first retail store with will carry the company’s complete product line. Staff will be available to assist customers with product info, vaping instructions and samples of products.

Described as being “tastefully designed for both luxury and relaxation” with black leather seating and equipped with a large, flat-screen television, the Lounge will offer a comfortable and unique opportunity to try any product before they buy.

The V4L Smokeless Cigarette Lounge will be open to members of the public who are over 18 years old Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Should the e-Cig really be considered a tobacco product?

The FDA has been largely successful in blocking recognition of e-cigarettes and the practice of vaping as a safe alternative to smoking tobacco products, having won a major victory by getting the tobacco free devices classified as “tobacco products” The FDA bases its justification for this on the fact that e cig cartomizers contain nicotine and nicotine comes from tobacco. As technology currently stands, that is technically correct.

However tobacco is just one of a number of vegetable sources that contain nicotine. Others include eggplant, spinach, and green tomatoes amongst others. Tobacco offers the most concentrated source of nicotine and delivers more from a smaller amount of vegetable matter—the total nicotine available in eggplant and other sources would require more poundage for the same quantity of nicotine produced.

What if, to dodge the “tobacco product” designation—the nicotine diluents in e-cig cartomizers were rendered from another, non tobacco source? The FDA would lose a major weapon in its “anti-e-Cig/anti vaping arsenal!

Something to think about!

Newly Engineered USB Powered Electronic Cigarette Kits Hit Market

Red Dragon, a leading e-Cig manufacturer and distributor has recently released a new USB Passthrough device, which allows users to use their e cigarette while stitting at their computers without having to constantly recharge their batteries.

VP of Operations at Red Dragon, Nick Evans described the new innovation: “This device uses power from the USB port on your computer. It is extremely compact and convenient”, adding: “You never have to worry about recharging your e-Cig battery again. There is no battery to recharge.”

The USB Passthrough eliminates the battery by plugging directly into a USB port or a USB power adapter that plugs into a wall socket. The USB Passthrough Electric Cigarette Kit is connected to a 5 foot cable, giving the user freedom of movement at a home or work desk. The kit comes with 3 cartridges in your own choice of color, flavor and strength of nicotine (including zero nicotine) which fit neatly into the company’s customized storage case.

Eliminating the battery means hours of uninterrupted vaping – no need to worry about recharging an e-Cig battery periodically or carrying a spare. Evans states that Red Dragon was inspired to develop this new generation of smokeless cigarettes by input from their clients and customers.

UK E Cigarette Sales Blast Through the Roof!

According to sales figures released in August by two of the United Kingdom’s leading e-Cig manufacturers 2011 first half sales of electronic cigarettes are on track to shatter the previous sales record recorded in 2010. Moreover this phenomenal sales trend can be expected to continue its upward momentum.

Several factors are responsible for these phenomenal sales. The UK government, unlike that of the US, has openly endorsed by official statement e cigarettes and the practice of vaping as the best alternative to the use of tobacco currently in existence. The UK is also very “vape-friendly”—vapers can use their electronic cigarettes in almost any UK environment without fear of breaking the law. As a result, record numbers of tobacco smokers are making the switch to this hi-tech device, which is driving retail sales sky high.

Regardless of the mixed reception of vaping by officials in the US, domestic sales figures are not far behind those of the UK and can be expected to eventually outpace them if e-Cigs can win a similar endorsement from the US government.

There are countries in the world where the practice is discouraged by outright bans—these include Canada and Ireland among others—sales in these areas are expectedly flat. However, dedicated vapers do exist in these countries and find ways to get their products through in spite the prohibitions. As the practice of vaping gains wider acceptance on a worldwide basis, it is to be hoped that such draconian laws will be overturned.

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