The All New Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

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Since I started this web site way back in the summer of 2009 I’ve been singing the praises of Green Smoke e cigarettes as the best you can buy. Of course, in those days your choice when buying one of these devices was much narrower and it wasn’t too difficult to see that Green Smoke were a long way ahead of the majority of the competition. After all, back then you were hard pushed to find a 2 piece device, with most retailers only offering very cheap generic 3 piece products which were essentially the same electronic cigarette re branded with a sticker of a particular company’s brand.

Things have changed rapidly in market though and you can now get your hands on any number of quality products, many of which are cheaper than those from the Green Smoke shop. The fact of the matter is when I was buying new starter kits from the most popular retailers over the last couple of months I was beginning to contemplate taking Green Smoke off the top position on my web site. Luckily for Greensmoke and for us they have decided to improve their product at precisely the right time, and it might just be enough to allow them to keep their number one spot. Let’s take a look to see if this is still the best option for someone who wants to make the switch from smoker to vaper.

How has Green Smoke Improved?

There are a couple of areas in which this company has upped it’s game in the last month. The first, and probably most important, is that they have completely overhauled their nicotine cartridges to a product which is far better than anything they have offered before. These new FlavorMax™ carts have been developed exclusively by greensmoke and are not available from any other supplier. They work with the company’s old batteries and completely interchangeable with the older style carts so if you are a current customer you don’t have to worry about purchasing a complete new kit to take advantage of them.

I’ve been sampling my FlavorMax™ products for the last couple of weeks and I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with them. I’ve only had the pleasure of tasting the regular tobacco and the red label flavors so far but I can safely say that they provide the most realistic “smoking” experience of any e cig cart I have ever sampled. I currently sitting here puffing on a red label cart while drinking a pot of coffee, and I’m in smoker’s heaven 🙂

The other thing that Green Smoke has decided to do is add more value to their starter kits. It has been a criticism of this company for quite some time that their prices where just too high compared to the likes of V2, South Beach e cigs and Electronic Cigarette Inc so anything they do to rectify this has to be welcomed wholeheartedly. To be fair to Greensmoke they have always tried to set themselves apart by offering a better quality of product so it’s only to be expected that it’s going to cost a little more to pick up a kit.

With that said their standard electronic cigarette starter kit know comes with the following items:

  • 1 Long Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Short Battery
  • 1 USB E-Cigarette
  • 1 USB and Wall Home Charger Kit
  • A 5-Pack of Old Style Cartomizers
  • A 5-Pack of new Tobacco FlavorMax™ Carts

The extras over the old kit are the 5 FlavorMax™ carts and the USB e cigarette which adds up to almost $70 in added value, not bad at all. In addition the standard kit now retails for $129.99 instead of $139.99 so you are really getting a much better deal than before.

The social smoker kit also now comes with a USB electronic cigarette and it’s price has been reduced from $109.99 to $99.99. That’s good value too, but I still recommend most smokers opt for the kit with 2 batteries so you have a back up when you are out of the house.

If you haven’t heard about the USB cigarette then it’s simply a device that lets you connect your green smoke directly to your PC or laptop enabling you to run on battery power. It’s great if you spend a lot of time at your desk or run down your batteries unexpectedly and need to get a quick hit of nicotine.

How Do FlavorMax™ Carts Compare To The Competition?

It’s all very well Greensmoke bringing out a brand new line of carts with a fancy name, but if they aren’t as good as those you get elsewhere then no one is going to be impressed. So let’s take a look at them and compare to some of the other manufacturers on the market. Bare in mind that so far I’ve only tried the tobacco flavors so I can pass judgment on the entire range.

I’ve always loved the Green Smoke vaping experience but if you have read my recent reviews you will have noticed that I’ve become a fan of a couple of other brands. Both V2 and White Cloud have impressed me with the quality and flavor of their nicotine cartridges and I’ve actually been using the V2 e cigarette as much as the Green Smoke since I received it in the post thanks to it’s minty fresh menthol flavor. White Cloud cigarettes on the other hand have managed to provide us with a selection of flavors which are so far the most realistic on the market. In my opinion these two companies are the ones that Green Smoke’s new FlavorMax™ had to live up to.

It seems to me as if Green Smoke’s aim with the new range is striving to recreate the most perfect “smoking” experience possible with a smokeless cigarette. That’s the way it has always appeared to me as they are renowned for producing a unit which pumps out masses of vapor. In this respect the new carts are incredible, allowing you to generate far more “smoke” than any of the other devices I have recently covered in my e cigarette reviews.

On top of that there is a really nice throat hit which is perhaps a touch better then that offered by the V2 and similar to the extra strength White Clouds (although I find the Green Smoke to be less harsh on my throat after prolonged use).

green smoke vapor

One thing that is worth noting about this e-cig is that it doesn’t heat up the fiber that holds the e-liquid inside the cartridge. As far as I can tell this is the way that most other carts work and it means there is a danger of inhaling carbon monoxide and other chemicals in the cheaper brands if the atomizer tube gets too hot. Perhaps this is the reason that I’ve gotten a plastic taste in some of the brands I’ve tested recently (namely the Apollo and Breathe Fresh E Cigarettes). Green smoke uses a proprietary “wicking” technology to keep this heat away from the carrying medium for the liquid. If nothing else this gives me peace of mind that vaping with these devices is doing the least amount of damage possible to my health.

Another point to note is that you no longer have to take a “primer” puff when using a Green smoke like you do with many other electric cigs which use an automatic battery. One of the reasons I was so impressed with the V2 manual battery was that you could get a good draw without having to puff a couple of times before inhaling. With the new carts and batteries you get a great throat hit and vapor straight away making the whole process all the more enjoyable. Add that to the fact that the batteries allow you to take a really nice long draw before the cut-off kicks in and you have an outstanding “smoking” experience.

One negative aspect of the new FlavorMax™ Cartridges is that they have been increased in price a little to $16.99 a pack but there are specials available which allow you to buy in bulk at significantly lower cost. One thing to keep in mind is that FlavorMax™ are quite a bit bigger than the older carts so you get more nicotine liquid for your cash, with enough extra puffs per cart to make up for the higher price point.

Another thing I’m not in love with ( I’m really nitpicking here ) is that the sticker on the carts is just a little bit too thick which can make it tempting to peel off. It’s not a big deal, but I mention it only to ensure this review is as complete as possible.

The last thing that I almost forgot to mention is that FlavorMax™ make use of a much more advanced packaging than the competition with triple sealing to ensure they stay factory fresh for longer. Your five cartridges come individually packed in foil so that, in theory, each one is maintained in optimum condition until you need it. They also have a secure rubber stopper on the business end of the cart, and an easily removed sticky strip where you inhale. To top it all off, the cardboard box they come in is very professional looking and has a real nice feel to it. It’s obviously that this company is putting a lot of thought into their products and spending the cash to ensure they stay ahead of the field.

The complete range of flavors available at the moment are:

  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Red Label Tobacco
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha Mist
  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Vanilla Dreams

I’ve been reliably informed by a friend online that the Menthol Ice and Mocha Mist are awesome, but you’ll have to wait a little while yet to hear what I think of them myself.

What About Green Smoke Battery Life?

The amount of time your battery lasts is one of the most important things in making your transition to the e cigarette as successful as possible. If you are out of the house and your power runs out then you are going to be in trouble, and might even resort to tobacco to get that nicotine hit. That’s the reason it’s advisable to always carry a spare with you, and why I try to steer people away from the starter kits which only come with a single battery. On top of that you want to get a brand which supplies high quality power units which last you long enough that you don’t get frustrated with constantly having to recharge. In the past there has been some criticism about some e cig batteries because they often don’t last as long as some of us would like. So far, after a couple of weeks with my new green smoke starter kit, I have to say that I’m impressed with the amount of vaping time you get before you have to find a power point. My small battery has been lasting me a full day so far, and the last battery is a fiend which seems to last about twice as long. If the Green Smoke batteries continue to last this long after a number of recharge cycles there with be nothing to complain about in this area.

The Accessories

The chargers supplied in the starter kit do a perfect job powering up your batteries when required. They are nicely built and are branded with the companies logo which I always think is a sign of a product which has has a little bit more thought into it. One thing you should note is that the company recommends you only charge your battery until the unit indicates that optimum charge has been reached. It’s possible that leaving your batteries on charge all day can lead to a reduction in their functional life. I assume this is the case with batteries supplied by all the companies out there, although I have never tested to see if this is true.

Conclusion To The Green Smoke Review

All in all the Green smoke e cigarette is an outstanding product and one which should be at the top of your list when trying to decide what to buy. This company has always provided products which are at the cutting edge of the industry and the new cartomizers they offer have made them an even more attractive prospect. On top of that you have their renowned customer service department which is always on hand if you have a problem with your purchase, and there’s a money back guarantee which will get you a full refund if you decide you don’t like the e cig experience.

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