V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

V2 e cigarettes are a brand that hasn’t been around for as long as most of the other products which I’ve reviewed on this web site. The reason it has taken me so long to try them out was that for one reason or another I assumed they were just another copycat product with nothing new to offer the e cig user. It turns out I might have been wrong!

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a kit from their online store after a friend online told me he had been using one for a few months as his first choice device. This guy has tried more than his fair share of electronic cigarettes so I knew there had to be a good reason for him to leave his other e cigs at home.

My V2 e cig was delivered only this morning and I have to say that I was blown away as soon as I unpacked it. The way the e cigarette looks isn’t the thing that sets this product apart, although it does look pretty cool. It’s got a similar design to my old favorite the Green Smoke and the popular South Beach. The V2 is actually a bit bigger than those two models which many people will consider to be a negative point. In the hands it certainly feels slightly bigger but it’s not so heavy that a regular e-cigarette user will be concerned. At 16.8 grams its 3.2 grams heavier than the Green Smoke or White Cloud’s Cirrus III, but you would be hard pushed to notice the difference when in use.

The V2 is a classic 2 piece e cigarette, making use of the cartomizer style cartridges. With this design you simply screw your nicotine carts into the battery and you are ready to go. Every time you switch cartridges you also get a new atomizer which usually leads to a more consistent smoking experience. The cartomizers from the V2 electronic cigarette come in really nice bright matte colors with a pleasant papery feel, in contrast to the shiny battery cover. Of all the cartridges I’ve tried so far these are the nicest to the touch and they look nice with the V2 logo and flavor printed in a stylish font.

Taking my first draw on the V2 was a very pleasant experience as I instantly took a liking to the flavors I received (sahara tobacco, menthol, and vanilla). Each once tasted pretty much as you would expect, unlike some manufacturer’s flavors which you would be hard to place if you didn’t have a label to give you a clue. The menthol was probably the stand out cart thanks to its extremely fresh taste, but the other two were close behind.

My strong full flavor carts have an almighty throat hit, just the way I like it. If you are a light smoker though you might like to choose a lower nicotine level to save your throat.

I know you are dying to find out how much vapor these produce as it’s the thing that most of us crave from a good e cigarette. After all, it’s one of the most important parts of the vaping process when it comes to feeling like we are using our favorite tobacco products. The V2 didn’t disappoint me here either. You will get more vapor from the Green Smoke though, so if it’s your top priority you might want to look elsewhere. The V2 has about the same vapor as a South Beach or White Cloud Cirrus, which is plenty to keep me happy.

Another bonus with this product is that you get to choose between both manual and automatic batteries. I opted for one of each so I could review them for this site. The automatic battery is the one that comes with most of the e cigarettes on the market where the power is activated when you inhale. The problem with this design is that it takes a moment for the atomizer to heat up when you take a draw. This is why most people take a couple of small “primer” puffs each time they use an e cig to get the best vapor and throat hit.

The manual battery allows you to switch on the device by pressing a button before you inhale, letting you take a single satisfying draw with the vapor filled nicotine immediately on tap.

So far so good.

Using the V2 is great experience, but take a look at the accessories you get for your money and you will be blown away. I paid less that $100 for my V2 Standard Plus Kit and received the following items:

  • 2 batteries – choice of automatic or manual switch
  • 10 cartridges – choose your own flavors
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • A Carry Case which charges your battery on the go

To me that represents just about the best value available you are going to find at the moment. You have a multitude of charging options which will mean you will never get caught short without the power to run your electronic cigarette. If the worst comes to the worst you can always plug into the USB port and use your laptop as a power source.

I love the portable charging pack that comes with this starter kit. It not only looks great, but it has a quality feel and is small enough that it fits snugly in your pocket. Open it up and you see that it has enough room to charge one of your batteries and store a couple of spare cartomizers. Supposedly when you charge up your pack it has enough power to charge 5 batteries, although I’ve not had time to check this yet.


I’ll update this e cigarette review as time goes by and I use my V2 more extensively but my initial impression is that this device is the best value currently available on the market. If you have about $100 to spend on a starter kit then I wholeheartedly recommend the V2 Standard Plus kit. It’s only 40 bucks more than the standard kit which doesn’t include the oh-so-special charging pack.

The best things about this electronic cigarette are:

  1. Its great flavor
  2. Good vapor production
  3. Fantastic charger pack
  4. Good value
  5. It has a nice feel to it

Things you might not like so much (I’m nitpicking here):

  1. It doesn’t produce as much vapor as a Green Smoke
  2. Flavors aren’t quite as good as the very expensive White Cloud Cirrus
  3. The batteries are a little larger than the competition

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