The Apollo E Cigarette Review

I’ve been using my new Apollo for a few days so I thought it was about time I wrote up another e cigarette review.

Is the Apollo one of the electronic cigarettes you should add to your short list when shopping for a starter kit? Lets find out.

I’ll be reviewing the Apollo Extreme model which is a 2 piece unit and will set you back $50 for a basic kit with following items:

  • 2 Long Lasting Batteries
  • USB Charger
  • Car charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • 5 Carts (tobacco flavor)
  • 1 free disposable e cigarette

I also ordered an extra pack of carts to get a taste of the menthol flavor and also the Portable Charging Pack for this review. The total cost for that lot comes in at about $95 which seems like pretty good value.

The first thing I thought when I opened my package from Apollo was “nice box”. It looks like Apollo, or their manufacturer, has made sure the box for their products gives the buyer an initial impression of quality. It has a reasonably good feel to it, it’s sturdy, and magnetic catch is a nice feature.

The second thing I thought about the Apollo was “Holy smoke, that’s a big electronic cigarette!”. In fact, the Apollo is just about the largest 2 piece e cig I’ve ever set eyes on. Their power unit is even bigger than the large battery that you can get from Green Smoke, and that’s before you have screwed in a cartridge. All the cartomizers from the other manufacturers are roughly the same size but Apollo have decided to offer a cart which is, quite frankly, massive. Screw it into the battery and you have a seriously monstrous 2 piece vaping device (see comparison photo).

The battery and cart weighs in at 18.2 grams compared to the 13.7 grams for the smallest green smoke e cigarette. Whether the large size of this device is something that is going to put you off buying will come down to your personal preferences and how you use your e-cig. Those who mainly vape at home might not be bothered too much, but it’s possible it will to be too large if you are out and about most of the day.

How does it smoke?

I’m not put off by the Apollo’s size and would happily use it if it smoked well. I’ve read many great reviews of this device on e cigarette forums so I was expecting something special. Maybe it was because of the high expectations but I was a little underwhelmed by the Apollo experience. It certainly wasn’t a terrible “smoke” with a good throat hit and vapor production, although good vapor seems to be the rule these days rather than the exception.

The reason I didn’t fall in love with the Apollo was down to the flavor of the carts which I found to be less than awesome. I could definitely use them if I didn’t have anything else available, but with my V2 and White Cloud cigarettes by my side I just don’t find myself picking up the Apollo all that often. After reading reports of great tasting carts from this company I find a bit perplexing that I wasn’t more pleased with them. I found the menthol had a reasonable enough mint-like flavor but it also had a bit of honey mixed in with a very subtle hint of plastic. The flavor of the tobacco carts are a harder to place but they too have a honey taste in my opinion.

It’s possible that I got carts from a bad batch, or maybe the Menthol and Tobacco are just not their strongest flavors. I would be interested to hear what any readers think about the cartridges they have tried.

On the plus side the huge cartridges mean that you are going to get a lot of vapor before you need to plug in a new one. Apollo claim about 300 puffs per cart. I didn’t count exactly how many I got but they do last longer than the carts from elsewhere. At $15 for 5 carts they are about the same price you would pay at the Green Smoke shop so they do offer decent value if you like the taste.

UPDATE: The more I try to use my Apollo the less impressed I am with the flavor of the carts, I find them a bit sickening to be honest. I pretty sure I couldn’t use this brand over the long term purely down the taste, even if it was my only option.


The massive batteries you get with the Apollo e cigarette might not fit easily in your pocket but they do mean that you will be able to puff away for hours before you have to make use of the cool portable charging kit. On top of that you get to choose between manual and automatic batteries. I usually prefer a battery with a manual switch since most auto devices require you to take a couple of small puffs to get the atomizer heated. The Apollo is actually very good in this respect and provides bags of vapor from the first draw.

Aside from the usual charging methods found in e cigarette circles we also have a choice of buying a Portable Charger Pack which means your never run out of power with this cig. The charger itself is a pretty nice product, looks great, and has a useful light and power indicator on the front panel. The downside is that it is rather large, especially when you compare it to the unit supplied with the V2 e cigarette. If you carry a bag with you when you are out this won’t be a problem but it’s a little uncomfortable to walk around with it in your jean pocket.

The Free Disposable E Cigarette

I really cool thing about buying from the Apollo web site at the moment is the free disposable electronic cigarette they offer with each regular starter kit. The only problem is I didn’t get one as I didn’t know I had to enter the coupon code “apollo1199” in the shopping cart. Not to worry though as I got in touch with the company via the Live Help interface and my free e cig was quickly arranged. I’ll do a review when it arrives.

Conclusion To The Apollo E Cigarette Review

Apollo electronic cigarettes offer an above average product at a respectable price point. Their vapor production and throat are good thanks to the powerful batteries, and if they could just sort out their flavors I would be happy to recommend them wholeheartedly. As it is though I’m far happier to point readers towards products such as the V2, Green Smoke and White Cloud cigarettes.

If you still feel like you want to try the Apollo then you can do so by Clicking Here.

You might like to read my Green Smoke Review before buying your e cigarette.

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