South Beach E Cigarette Review

This South Beach e cigarette review has been a long time coming. The brand has been around for quite a while now and the company sent me out a starter kit to test a couple of months ago, but I wanted to use it for a few weeks so that I could do a fair review. That way I’d be better placed to offer you advice on whether or not this is an e cig you want to add to your list of possible options when buying.

South Beach offer a couple of different products on their web site. There’s the 2 piece deluxe starter kit that I got my hands on, and the three piece “premium” unit. The Premium starter kit is older technology and uses cartridge which aren’t much cheaper than the deluxe carts, considering it for purchase just adds to the confusion of the decision making process when trying to pick from all the kits on the market, so we won’t consider it here.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at cost of the South Beach electronic cigarette:

The thing that sets South Beach apart from the other e cig brands on the market is the way they price their products. They have a special home delivery program which, when you join, signs you up to get a prearranged number of carts send to your address each month. Some people might not like this idea as it means you are spending a specific amount of cash each month without too much say in the matter. But, this scheme has it’s advantages.

  1. Sign up for the scheme when you are buying your starter kit and you can make big savings on your initial purchase. In fact you will save $50 on the price of your kit, costing you just $49.99 instead of the normal $99.99. That’s a great price for a quality starter kit and hard to beat when you compare it to the other retailers on the Internet.
  2. As long as you are aware of the number of carts you get through in a month you are never going to run out of nicotine. One of the main problems with e cigs is that it can be problematic to get refill cartridges when you are running low, especially if your only supply is from an online shop. This special service from South Beach can be a real lifesaver which stops you from ever having to revert to tobacco to get your nicotine hit.
  3. When you sign up to the Home delivery scheme you get a big discount on the price you pay for your e cig cartridges from this company. The regular price of carts is $75 for 15, but you will only pay $56 for the same amount when you sign up for monthly delivery. You can’t argue with a discount of 25%, especially if you are going to be buying carts from South Beach anyway.
South Beach E Cigarette

How does the South Beach E Cig Smoke?

I have to say that I wasn’t all that impressed when I first tasted the South Beach vapor but the flavor has grown on me as I’ve used them. This might come down to the first cart I tried being a bit of a duffer, or it could just be that they are different from the other brands I’ve been testing. I was only sent the Chocolate flavor carts so that’s all I can comment on at the moment, although I’m going to order some others which I’ll do an update on at some point in the near future.

The carts don’t have the strongest chocolate taste ever, especially when you compare them to the same flavor from White Cloud cigarettes. They do however have:

  1. A satisfying throat hit – Throat hit on these is as good as the V2 which I recently wrote a review on (check out my V2 e cigarette review for more information on that brand)
  2. Very good vapor production – I’d put the South Beach right up there with all the best e cigarettes I’ve tried except perhaps Green Smoke which is a vapor monster. Some brands have what looks to be great vapor production, but when you actually inhale and then exhale the vapor it has produced somehow seems to disappear. The South Beach doesn’t have this problem and allows you to exhale a very satisfying plume of “smoke” when you have taken a nice big draw.
  3. A taste which reminds me quite a bit of smoking a regular cigarette – All e cigarette brands have their own specific flavor but this is the first time I’ve tried one that actually had a flavor a bit like real smoking. Whether this is a good thing of not will come down to personal preference but I quite like, even if it is just for a change from my other electronic cigarettes. They are certainly far superior to
    Apollo e cigarettes, in my opinion.

Other things I liked about it

The South Beach is a smokeless cigarette which has a really nice feel to it. The battery and cartridges both have that paper-like quality that appeals to me. It might have something to do with the fact that it reminds me of a regular cigarette, but I really like the way it feels in the hand. It’s also a great size, a little larger than Green Smoke but smaller than most of the other 2 piece e cigarettes out there. The size, look, and red glowing light when take a draw mean that you can blend in with people smoking regular cigarettes when using this device if that’s what you want.

Things I Think Could Be Better About The South Beach Electronic Cigarette

  1. The batteries have a cut off which means you can inhale for a maximum of about 3.5 seconds. This is a problem that all automatic e cigarette batteries seem to have, they make them so that power cuts out if you try to take really long draw to prevent overheating. For some reason it seems to annoy me a little more with the South Beach than other brands, I guess I just I want to get more smoke and flavor every time I use it 🙂
  2. The price of the carts – Even when you are a member of the home delivery service and getting a 25% discount on your carts, you will still feel like you are paying over the odds for your refills. The $56 it costs for 15 carts doesn’t look like great value, even when you compare it to the Green Smoke which is one of the most expensive brands on the market. On the Green Smoke shop you get 20 carts for $55, meaning you are paying over 25% more at South Beach every time you need to restock your nicotine supplies..yikes
  3. The battery charger which comes with it has quite a cheap feel and isn’t branded. Not really a problem for most people probably but it bugs me because I have about ten e cigs lying around the house and branded accessories allow me to tell which kit goes with which e cigarette.
  4. You don’t get much in the way of accessories with your starter kit, just a couple of batteries, 5 cartridges and a wall charger in the box. If you want a car or USB charger you’ll have to pay a little extra.

All in all the South Beach is a very nice quality unit, certainly not one you will be disappointed with if you decide to purchase. If you want to spend as little as possible on your starter kit but don’t want to compromise on quality, there isn’t much out there at this price point. The only problem comes when you look at the price of the refills which means you will actually be spending more cash on your habit over the long term. If you are planning to use the e cig short term then this won’t be a problem but if you want to use it as a cigarette replacement over the long term it might make more financial sense to look elsewhere.

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I recommend you take a look at my Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review before purchasing.

2 thoughts on “South Beach E Cigarette Review”

  1. I have to say that your website reviews on electronic Cigarettes is THE BEST I have had the honor of reviewing on the internet. I to have tried other brands of E-Cigarettes, and I find that South Beach E Cigarettes are in the top 2% I have experianced. The South Beach ecigs look like a real cigarette, smokes like a real cigarette, tastes like real tobacco and my story is that south beach was the first e cigarette I tryed and I went from 2 packs a day of Pall Malls to quiting smoking real tobacco all together in less than a week and I have been smoking since 1975 so I feel a great loyalty to South Beach just for that reason not to mention I save about $250 a month on Cigarettes.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the reviews. You are doing a great service for smokers.

    1. Hi there Timothy

      Thanks very much for your kind comments. I do all I can to ensure my reviews are as honest and useful as possible for people looking to buy e cigarettes, and it’s always nice to hear from former smokers who appreciate them.

      I’m glad to hear you have had success with your South Beach, it’s a good e cigarette 🙂


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