Breathe Fresh E Cigarette Review

This Breathe Fresh review isn’t going to be a long one because this isn’t a brand that I would advise any of my readers to spend their cash on. It’s not that it’s a terrible e cigarette, there are just much better options available, as you will learn as you read the other reviews on this site. If we are buying something on the Internet there is never a need to purchase any product which isn’t the best on the market when we can visit another store with the click of the mouse. Regardless, here are my thoughts on the Breathe Fresh e cigarette.

I bought the basic starter kit because I really only wanted to try the batteries and the carts to see how they perform. The package I received came with a USB and mains charger which will keep your batteries charged up, though they look and feel a little cheap compared to many of the products I’ve seen in the past.

Breathe Fresh E Cigarette

Everything about this 2 piece device strikes me as being decidedly average, although at $69.99 for my starter kit maybe that’s what I should have expected. I do like the way the carts screw easily and securely into the battery, but the cartridges themselves have that fake cigarette filter look which doesn’t appeal to me. The device is a nice size though, being slightly smaller than the V2 e cigarette, but that can’t make up for the areas where it falls short.

Obviously it’s the way it “smokes” that’s the most important thing about an electronic cigarette and the Breathe Fresh just doesn’t match up with the other devices I’ve been using recently. When you are taking a draw on it you think you are going to get great vapor production as plenty escapes from the side of your mouth when you are puffing away. It also offers a nice easy draw and the throat hit you get when you inhale is sufficient. It’s on exhaling that you notice the vapor you worked hard creating seems to have disappeared into thin air. I’m not sure why this is, it’s probably caused by the ingredients used to make the e liquid. Whatever the reason it makes the Breathe Fresh less satisfying to use than any other e cig I’ve reviewed so far.

Breathe Fresh E Cig Size Comparison

The flavor of the tobacco and menthol carts I tried was tolerable but definitely not as enjoyable as something like the green smoke, V2, or even the South Beach. In their favor I did find them to be superior to the Apollo e cigarette in the taste department.

As always I see there are other e cigarette review sites which seem to think the Breathe Fresh is an awesome device providing great vapor production. I can’t say if this is because they’ve never actually tried it for themselves, or there are problems with quality control at the company. In any event, I recommend you opt for one of the other units mentioned on this site.

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