Apollo Disposable E Cigarette Review

If you read my recent Apollo e cigarette review you will know this company is currently giving away a free disposable electronic cig whenever you buy a full starter kit. I, however, forgot to apply the required special code at the checkout so my disposable just arrived in the post this morning thanks to a helpful member of the customer support. Let’s take a look and see how it compares to the standard devices.

Initial Impressions

Opening the envelope I was really impressed with the way the Apollo disposable e cigarette looks. It comes in a very professional clear plastic container which you can just imagine would sell really well if it was displayed behind a bar. I think a lot of smokers who have never tried an e cigarette would be tempted if they were out for a drink and wanted to get a nicotine hit without stepping outside.

Apollo Disposable E Cigarette

The cigarette itself looks and feels very nice with its matte black finish. I’m certainly impressed with the presentation of the product as a whole.

When you get it out of the packaging you realize that this is a seriously big electronic cigarette, even more so that the regular Apollo. For occasional use it’s probably not going to be too much of a problem, but you would perhaps find it awkward to use if it was your regular e cig.

How Does It Smoke?

Apollo Disposable Size Comparison

As with the Apollo starter kits, there are many people who have done very positive disposable e cigarette reviews on the Internet about this product. After trying it feel that they are being a little bit too enthusiastic about it, and once again it comes down to the taste of the vapor. I opted for the menthol because that seems to the most consistent flavor amongst many of the manufacturers and it’s also one of my favorites. As with the Apollo Extreme carts, I’m getting a taste of honey and plastic when I take a draw but its definitely not as strong as in the refill carts. There’s a more distinctive menthol flavor in there as well, but I don’t like them nearly as much as the e cigs I use every day. With that said, I’d probably be willing to use the Apollo disposable e cigarette if I was out drinking in a bar and didn’t have any other option.

Apart from the less than stellar taste these e cigs smoke really well. One thing I should point out is that there is a very short cut off on it which means you can only inhale for a couple of seconds before the unit automatically switches off. This isn’t a big deal in this case as within that time you seem to get a good amount of vapor, flavor, and throat hit. I’d say that these disposables smoke pretty much identically to the regular Apollo e cigs, except for the shorter cut off time and the fact that I actually like the flavor more.

Are Disposables Worth Using?

I’m not a huge fan of disposable electronic cigarettes for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you are going to be using an e-cigarette on a regular basis then they are going to cost you a fortune over the long term compared to buying a starter kit with cartomizers.
  2. I’m a bit disturbed by the amount of waste which would be created if you were to use these full time. A single disposable should last you about the same as a pack of tobacco cigarettes so most of us would be throwing at least one battery in the bin every day.

With those negatives out of the way we can see that there are definite advantages to the disposable which full price kits can never compete with:

  1. Disposable e cigs are extremely cheap. At just $12 each from the Apollo web site you can imagine a huge number of smokers giving these a try when they might be put off by the $100 outlay required for a regular starter kit.
  2. The low price means that you are going to get more people trying them, which should lead to an increase in the number of people buying the starter kits when they realize just how awesome e-cigs really are.
  3. If you ever find yourself without your e cigarette for some reason, getting your hands on a disposable could be a lifesaver. They could even prevent you from having to revert back to tobacco on such occasions.
  4. These are perfect little products to have stashed in places where you spend a lot of time. I’m definitely going to put one in my car glove box in case I ever get caught without my regular kit.
  5. If you are buying an Apollo anyway you get one for free.

If you are going to try an Apollo e cigarette anyway then it’s a nice little extra to get a free disposable in the post, but would you want to buy one for any other reason? I would say these devices are a good way for someone who has never used an e cigarette before to get an idea about how they feel. They are so cheap that you aren’t going to feel like you have wasted your cash if you don’t like them, and this particular model works well.

On the other hand, most of the e cigarette manufacturers out there give you a 30 day money back guarantee so you can send them back for a refund within this time for any reason you want.

I see throwaway cigs being used by regular vapors who a looking for a standby option which they can stash away for the times they find themselves without a charge or refill carts for their V2 or White Cloud. I’ll certainly use them for this purpose, and I look forward to trying the likes of the Green Smoke e cigarette company’s disposable device at some point in the near future.

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