A Blu Cig Review By Paul Timko

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The following Blu Cig Review was submitted by Paul Timko:

When I first heard of the e cigarette well, I was quite skeptical. Now after quitting Newport 100’s and all other forms of tobacco for over 6 months I will swear by these unconventional forms of getting nicotine.

A friend and I were walking around the mall one day when he pulled out a device that appeared to be a cigarette. I immediately asked him what he was doing since it is illegal in Ohio to smoke indoors. He then told me he had purchased an e-cigarette online. I asked him to try it as I had run out of Newports. Immediately my craving went down and I was quite satisfied by the buzz, and the pleasure of the vapor.

Later that day I went online and searched e-cigarettes on Google. The first site to pop up was a company called Blu so I decided to go there. Their e-cigarettes were a nice black color and I decided to try them out so I ordered the starter kit. I waited anxiously for the unit to arrive and when I finally did I was quite happy. One thing I really liked about Blu e-cigs was that they charge while in the “pack” that they give you so it never really runs out of battery on the go, which is useful when not around an outlet or a place to charge. The e-cig itself is a cool black color and definitely catches the eye. Since using this E-cigarette I have been able to completely quit smoking within a week after purchasing it.

A nice thing about electronic cigarettes is you can walk around in a store while vaping them. Occasionally I will get yelled at by an employee only to explain to them it is legal to use an e-cigarette as it creates no smoke. Also after using these products I have noticed a great decrease in the amount of mucous in my lungs. This is utterly huge for me having smoked Newports for around 5 years.

Overall I have been very satisfied with this product and would recommend them to all my buddies who still smoke and would like to cease their harmful habit. It is also very neat because within 2 seconds of dragging on blu cigs, you already are getting vapor and the light at the end of it lights up immediately. This is the only e-cig I have ever used, but I know I won’t ever go back to tobacco with all the health benefits and the ability to get my fix inside with electronic cigarettes.

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