A Users Green Smoke Review

green smoke e cigarettes

A Green Smoke E cigarette review by Paul Timko:

Today I will be reviewing the Green Smoke’s Love Bird’s kit (which is just double all of Green Smokes e cigarette starter kit items). I had purchased this for my girlfriend and me since we both had wanted to quit smoking, and my Blu E-cigarette had died on me.

I looked online, read reviews, and came to the conclusion that Green Smoke E cigarettes were by far the most advanced E-cig with the best quality and best vapor hit. Although the price was rather steep at $270 for the 2 starter kits ($135 each!!!), I still think that this is the overall best option to go with for a quality electronic cigarette. I have been using mine for the past 3 months now, and every hit I take is just as smooth as the first hit I took from it right out of the box.

I was also glad to know that Green Smoke E-cigs are made entirely in the USA, so you won’t have to worry about the Chinese quality. I haven’t tried some of their more odd flavors (coffee?) but I have tried the menthol and boy was I impressed. They seem to fully capture the feel of a menthol cigarette in vapor! But, it gets even better because you don’t end up hacking up mucous in the morning which is a major plus for me (my lungs have been torn apart by Newports and Reds over the years).

This E Cig consists of only 2 parts, the battery and the cartridge. This essentially gives you a new atomizer in each cartridge which means you don’t have to worry about over heating or your atomizer giving out. Upon receiving the package in the mail each starter had 1 long and 1 short battery, 1 usb/wall charger, 5 differently flavored cartridges, and the manual. I was very impressed that they give you 2 different lengths of batteries so you can use whichever you heart may desire that day.

Now to get into the review. After my Blu e-cig died I was fairly sad as this is what kept me off my Newports. That night I went online and purchased the Love Bird’s kit with rush shipping. It arrived at my house 2 days later and I eagerly unboxed it. After using this thing for months now I know I have found the perfect E Cigarette. After trying the FiftyOne Trio, the Blu, and the SmokingEverywhere E-cig I now know why this one is the best: because Green Smoke offers a high quality vapor hit, a durable product, and nice looking e-cig time after time.

Editor’s note: Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are currently made in China, not the US as was stated in this user’s e cigarette review.