Green Smoke Review By Albert Charles

green smoke e cigarettes

I have been a smoker of Marlboro reds for about 15 years now. Over the years I have seen a decline in my health and have tried many tactics to quit smoking including the patch, dipping (gross), and nicotine gum. All of these methods have failed horribly and until 6 months ago I was a pack a day smoker. I also have been affected by the statewide smoking ban in Colorado making me go outside to have a cigarette in rather nasty weather. This was all in the past though. A friend introduced me to an e cigarette 6 months ago and after trying it I would never go back to harmful smoke.

Since he showed me this wonderful device my lungs have been getting increasingly better after 15 years of heavy damage. It is such a joy to actually be able to breathe again. After he showed me his electronic cigarette I decided to go online and purchase one.

I did a little bit of shopping around, read a few e cigarette reviews, and decided to purchase a Green Smoke. I found in the reviews that this was the top rated one. Wow, what more could you ask for in an e-cig: lots of vapor, a strong buzz, and an aesthetically pleasing design. When I go out now I get more odd looks than any of my other friends. These things are surely eye catching. Also I now have the ability to smoke on the job, in restaurants, and in public places! I have used my friend’s Blu electronic cigarette and I have to say that my Green Smoke one blows it out of the water for vapor.

Each hit of a Green Smoke cigarette provides me with an even drag and plenty of nicotine. Although the Green Smoke may cost a bit more, they are definitely worth the price. Since getting mine, all of my friends have asked me to try it. Four of my friends have even purchased their own. These devices really are great for people who cannot smoke indoors, or in states with smoking bans. Another advantage is no second hand smoke, no smelly clothes, and not that terrible cigarette smell on the breath. Overall I am completely satisfied with the Green Smoke’s product and I doubt I will be going back to conventional tobacco anytime soon. Recommendation: DEFINITELY GET ONE TODAY!