The E Cigarette Free Trial Scam

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We all like to be able to buy things as cheaply as possible and its seems as if this urge to get a bargain is stronger than ever thanks to Internet shopping. When you can search scores of web sites in half an hour to do a price comparison its easy to get into the habit of ensuring that you are always buying the cheapest product possible.

Its understandable then that we are attracted to the idea of a free trial of any product that we might be thinking of buying, especially if that product is something we have never tried before. For most people the time they decide to buy e cigarettes for the first time is one of these situations. Its no wonder that the E cigarette free trial offer has become so popular. Who can turn down the opportunity to get something for nothing?

What you have to ask yourself though is what are these electronic cigarette companies getting out of a situation where they are giving you a device for free? I suppose you could imagine that they want to let you try their products on a trial basis on the presumption that you will think they are so great that you will make reorders for the rest of your life and make them a lot of money. Or it could be that this is some sort of e cigarette scam to get their hands on your hard earned cash.

The first thing you must do before you go for a free e cigarette starter kit is what you are signing up for. What does the company expect from you, and are you committing yourself to something that is going to end up losing you cash.

There have been many companies who have been offering these free e cigarettes over the last couple of years. Most of them have disappeared, but others have popped up in their place, which is the first thing that should ring an alarm bell if you are thinking of signing up.

Another warning sign is that you have to hand over you credit card details in order to get your e-cig sent in the mail. I don’t know about you, but the idea of giving my credit card details to a company I’ve never heard of doesn’t sound too appealing.

These points have stopped me ever signing up for one of these deals but I have read plenty of reports online from individuals who have. It sounds like very few people, if any, have had a good experience. What generally happens is that the company will charge you around $10 for delivery and offer to let you try the device for a couple of weeks. It seems that most of them plan on taking the balance owed for the e cig off your card even if you decide to return it in the alloted time. In fact, I’ve read of customers not getting there package for over 14 days so that it would have been logistically impossible for them to return on time even if they were to try.

I’ve also heard reports of people who are out of pocket $150 for the kit and then charged over $60 every single month for replacement nicotine cartridges, after months of trying to notify the company that they are not interested in purchasing the product.

The electronic cigarette industry is a new one and its obvious that many companies are out to make as much cash as possible without giving any thought to customer satisfaction. If you care about not wasting your money then you would do well to stay away from free trial offers and stick with the well established organizations who have a track record of delivering on their promises.

The reality with these free e cigarette trials is that you are going to pay for the device in the end whether you want to or not, and probably a lot more than you should. Wouldn’t it be better just to pay up front for a electronic cig from a reputable company who offers a high quality device at a reasonable price. At least then you won’t feel as if you have been cheated.