Choosing An E Cigarette Starter Kit

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When we buy an e cig for the first time the vast majority of us are going to opt to purchase one of the e cigarette starter kits which include everything we need to begin our vaping career. Our other option is to go for disposable e cigarettes which are becoming a more popular option now as more companies manufacture them, but the best choice if you are serious about replacing your tobacco are the complete starter kits.

What is included in an electronic cigarette starter kit will depend on which company you decide to buy from, and how much you want to spend. Most retailers will carry a number of options for the shopper so it makes sense to do a little research so you know what you are getting for your cash.

As an example of what we might get through the post when we order our new device we will take a look at what’s available from one of the most popular brands, the Green Smoke Cigarette web site.

If you visit Green Smoke, you can get the following packs to satisfy your need for a high quality personal vaporizer.

Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit: The standard option available to us is this nice little pack which includes two different sizes of lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette batteries, a USB home charging kit, an assortment of flavored nicotine cartridges, and a user manual. It retails for $139, although you can get an automatic 10% discount coupon if you click here.

This kit is expected to be the one that the majority of smokers are going to choose. It contains everything that you need to get you on your way. The batteries mean that you should always have one charged and ready to go, so that you can be vaping on a constant basis. The 5 Nicotine cartridges you get in different flavors will also give you a taste of what is available, so when you reorder your replacements you will have a better idea about what you want.

Green Smoke Social Smoker Starter Kit: This is the cheapest e cig starter kit offered by this company, and retails at the lower price point of $109.

The quality of the manufacture and the functioning of the device is exactly the same as the regular kit. The only difference here is that you only get one battery. The reasoning is that if you are the type of person who only likes to smoke when you are out with friends on a Friday night then you aren’t going to need to have a charged device ready to go at any moment. You can simply charge your battery ready for when you need it, and stick it back on the charger when you return home.

If you want to get an electronic cigarette just to try it out then this might be a good choice for you, you can always purchase an extra battery later when you decide that you love it. At the same time, upgrading to the slightly more expensive kit the first time around will get you a battery at a reduced price as compared to buying it separately later on. Unless you are a very light smoker, I would always suggest you just bite the bullet, and get the kit with dual batteries from the get go.

Love Birds Kit: If you really want to push the boat out and spend the maximum possible then you should check out the Love Bird Kit which is made for couples who want to start vaping together. You basically get double the stuff that comes with the basic starter kit but it comes in at a lower price, which makes it a better deal if you have a partner who also smokes. Retail on this one is $270, but you can pick it up for $243 if you use a 10% discount coupon.

Premium Traveler’s Kit: The final smokeless cigarette starter kit from this company is for those people who spend a lot of time on the road and find it difficult to always have a charged battery on them. You get pretty much the same as you would with the basic package except this one has a handy car adapter for the charger and a nice carry case.

Which e cigarette starter kit you pick up will decide on your own specific circumstances, but the basic package is going to be the one that the vast majority of people should be interested in, as it meets the needs for just about everyone who is just starting out with this product.

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    1. Hi Debs,

      I don’t actually sell e cigs myself. You will need to go to one of the company web sites such as Green Smoke’s or V2. You can give them a call directly using the phone number of their home page.


  1. Good Information. Many argue that “clean cigarettes” are a terrible product and that people should just quit smoking. Critics don’t understand how hard addiction is to overcome. Would you rather stand next to someone smoking a real cigarette of a smokeless cigarette? I’d take the latter. There are some great e cigarette starter kits on the market to help those who just can’t do cold turkey.

  2. Hey,great site with tons of good information about electronic cigarettes. When you purchase online it’s good to have this kind of imformation at your finger tips to help you make a decision.

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