Celebrity Electronic Cig Smoker: Katherine Heigl

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Its always great to see Hollywood celebrities using e cigarettes in place of their regular tobacco products. While doing so doesn’t prove anything about the long term effectiveness or otherwise of this device as a smoking replacement it does get the word out to the world about our favorite nicotine delivery system. The fact is that the majority of the public respect movie actors a little more than they should, and when they see them using a specific product they are more likely to consider using it themselves, or at least put up with it if we want to use them.

The latest famous person to be seen using the e cig as a tobacco replacement is Katherine Heigl who starred in Knocked Up and the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Since adopting a child last year Katherine has been trying desperately to stop smoking. We all know how hard that is, and it seems like the star has settled on using a tobacco replacement for the time being to satisfy her urge for nicotine.

Whatever the reason for Katherine deciding to give the electronic cigarette a try its a great way to get the word out about the device and to raise awareness. With movie stars such as Leonardo di Caprio and Supermodel Kate Moss also spotted using them in the past the profile of the e cigarette has never been higher. Of course anything the stars do is always reported widely by the media, especially when it involves a new technological marvel such as this.

Hopefully the fact that the newspapers and TV stations are talking about the electronic cig will lead to more acceptance from the public which will cause the regulatory agencies to take note and treat the device with the respect it deserves.

At the moment many of the agencies involved in cancer research and tobacco harm reduction are encouraging us to choose nicotine replacement therapy such as gums, patches, and inhalers which many of us have found to be ineffective. As more people who are respected by the public are seen to condone the e cigarette then perhaps we will get to the point that even those in positions of power will sit up an take notice. When that happens we will get the studies we require to prove whether or not the e cig can be used effectively as a smoking replacement, and the health implications of using them in comparison to the real thing.

If you are thinking about trying one for yourself but aren’t sure which brand to buy then you should try reading a few e cigarette reviews to help you figure out your Green Smoke e cigarette from your V2 Cig.