Smokeless Cigarettes Beat Tobacco Hands Down

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Why choose an smokeless E Cigarette over your traditional burning tobacco products?

1. Cost – Of course the cost of your smoking habit will vary depending on where in the world you currently live but in most countries you will be able to save a large amount of cash over a year if you make the switch over to the electronic cigarette. If you are currently paying $7 per packet and smoking a couple of packs a day then your nicotine addiction adds up to over $5000 per year. Some manufacturers claim that you can save about 75% of these costs is you make the switch, although I think that’s being a little optimistic. Its certainly not unreasonable to believe that you can save about half what you currently spend on tobacco if you decide to give smokeless cigarettes a go.

It is true that the cost can seem prohibitive when you consider the price of an e cigarette starter kit. Many of the higher quality ones such as the Green Smoke are not cheap, but after the initial purchase you will find that the replacement nicotine cartridges are much cheaper than you would pay for tobacco so the savings quickly add up.

When you are considering purchasing a starter kit think about how much you spend on tobacco in a month rather than the cost of just a single packet. Do that and you will realize they are not as expensive as you initially thought.

Another thing is that you can opt for a more affordable smokeless cigarette the first time you purchase if you are not sure if this product is going to be right for you, although companies such as green smoke and blu cigs allow you to return your device within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the way it performs.

2. Taste – If you have been smoking for years then you probably think that those tobacco sticks you use taste pretty good but the reality is that the only reason the smoke appears to be appealing is because of the nicotine it contains. That’s why burning tobacco always tastes horrible to anyone who tries it for the first time, its an acquired taste that appeals only to those addicted to nicotine. E Cigarettes on the other hand are created specifically to give a flavor sensation which is highly appealing to the taste buds. With many companies taking as much care as possible to recreate our favorite flavors you can be sure that getting a nicotine hit will be a true pleasure from now on.

And its not just you that will be very happy with the results of switching over to the electronic cigarette, your parter will truly appreciate the fact that you no longer smell like a walking ashtray.

To give you an idea about some of the flavors that are available the Green Smoke collection includes Chocolate, Coffee, Menthol, Tobacco, Vanilla, Apple, Strawberry. If you need access to an increasing number of options to keep things interesting then there are companies such as Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice offer a wider range of very high quality products.

3. Its a Cleaner Way To Smoke – Imagine being able to get that nicotine hit you crave without exposing your body to tar, carbon monoxide and all those nasty by-products that come along with burning tobacco. E Cigarettes deliver nicotine in a cleaner manner to the benefit to you, and to all those around you when you use it. That means no more smell on your clothes or in your house, and it also means that you can forget about yellowing of the teeth and smoker’s breath. Imagine being able to smoke indoors without your friends and relatives constantly complaining about the thick fog of tobacco smoke that you are constantly exhaling, that’s why its called a smokeless cigarette.

4. It gives you the same enjoyment as you get from smoking – The problem with regular nicotine replacement therapy such as gum, patches and inhalers is that they give you very little satisfaction when you use them. The e cigarette changes all that by very closely replicating the feeling you get when you smoke what you are used to. Its for these reason especially that more smokers are discovering just how effective smokeless cigarettes can be in acting as a long term tobacco replacement.

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