Where Can I Buy E Cigarettes In Stores?

Specialty shops that sell tobacco and cigars may also carry electronic cigarettes, however there is no way a regular retailer can compete with the shops where you can buy e cigarettes online. The best and the cheapest e cigarette devices are usually distributed through internet shops that specialize in such devices and the nicotine liquid that goes along with them.


The best places to buy such a device online are those that offer lots of free information and reviews based on user experience. The cheapest e-cig models are not always your best choice, even when shopping online, since the device is a bit more complicated than a regular tobacco cigarette. For example an e cig has a battery, a vaporizer, a mouthpiece and a place where the liquid that is vaporized is stored.

Battery chargers and the vapor system will vary between models, but the fact of the matter is that, if you have been a tobacco smoker, you will be looking for not only the cheapest device but the design that is simple and easy to use as well as one that delivers strong hits of nicotine vapor so you don’t revert quickly back to tobacco. Its for this reason that green smoke e cigarettes are so popular even though it is more expensive then many of the other options.

The online stores that sell e cigarettes will often give you information on all the models that you can choose from and suggest the best ones. They will also offer a discount code that real world vendors may not be able to give you since they are input electronically when you purchase. Most will also sell the liquid or cartridges that you will need when those you get with your e cigarette starter kit run out, and it is so much easier to click a few buttons online and re-order your favorite e-juice or cartridges than having to run around town looking for someone who carries your brand.

Begin your search for this product at stores which sell brands such as Green Smoke, Blu or NJOY and offer online support and refills for juice, but don’t forget to read a few e cigarette reviews before you make your final decision. The really low end devices and those that may be more powerful or pipe-like in design may be the cheapest e-cig on the market but may not offer a company backing or guarantee or any support, and you may find yourself frustrated when you need to reorder or change a part or get a new battery etc. Stick with places that offer free advice, support and discounts on starter kits and allow you to reorder your supplies easily and quickly.

Having said all that it is possible to buy e cigarettes in stores if you really don’t want to do the transaction online. Perhaps you don’t have a credit card, or you just prefer the safety of dealing with a vendor in real life. The problem is that the number of places where you can pick them up is going to be limited and most stores will only have one brand so you won’t have much in the way of choice. Small kiosks in a local mall is probably your best bet although you will find that there are a few tobacco shops that are now starting to stock these devices as they gain mainstream acceptance.

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  1. I broke down and had to have a smoke despite wearing a patch, and after smoking fewer that ten cigarettes, I was admitted to the hospital with acute pneumonia and beginning stage emphysema at age 41 (!). I became much more serious about patches and decided to add electronic cigarettes. I get a mild nicotine fix with the e-cigs, but there’s no tar to make me choke, cough, and have difficulty breathing. My Beginning emphysema feels like its gone and the doc seems to think it will only come back if I start to smoke real cigarettes again. I’m breathing much better, and I’m being optimistic that I caught in time so that ten years from now I have an invisible elephant sitting on my chest. E-cigs are the best alternative to smoking besides completely quitting. I’m sold!

    1. That’s awesome news Andy, glad to hear you have managed to use e cigs as an alternative to cancer sticks. I’ve no illusions that electronic cigarettes are a health product but compared to the dangers posed by tobacco products they have to be a better choice.


  2. Mall kiosk for e-cigarettes are not generally the best choice. They are overpriced and sell inferior products. There are many great websites out there that are a better choice. Just read the reviews and you normally cannot go wrong!

  3. Ric, thank you for clarifying some things for me in navigating this foreign universe. As the lazy person’s way to get info, thought it never hurts to ask…is is possible to get an e cig cartridge that has only vapor/steam and no nicotine? Will read E Cig Shop reviews, and again, my gratitude for all your efforts on my behalf. Dawn

  4. I’m trying to find out which is the best Ecig, for a good price, out there. I have Green Smoke but don’t really like it. It state’s that each filter is equal to 30 cigarettes< but I don't believe they do. I don't smoke in my home but a package of 3 filters don't last 2 weeks. I would greatly appreciate some input from you. Thank you in advance.

  5. Dawn, Yes you can, just search for nicotine free cartomisers or nicotine free e-liquid if you want to refil the carts.

    Tottally wicked have a great range. not sure they are the best price but they are quick and reliable. – Plus you can get discount codes for them quite easily off their twitter page! 🙂


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