Why Buy Green Smoke E Cigarettes Online?

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Green Smoke E Cigarette Review.

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I have had a few people e-mail me over the past month asking whether the green smoke e cigarette is really all it is cracked up to be. Many of you want to know if it is worth spending the extra cash to get a green smoke instead of a cheap e cig such as the smoke 51. I understand because its hard to tell which device is going to be the best when you are sitting at your computer looking at the pictures on an Online Shop. The photos from all the electronic cigarette companies make their products look great and the only way we have to differentiate between them if by listening to reviews from people who have used them and by comparing prices.

If you don’t know anyone in real life who has tried several different brands who can give you advice on the best e cigarette starter kit on the market then you have to listen to people like me who you have never met. Listening to advice from people you don’t know personally is hard enough at the best of times but when they are telling you to spend more money than you want to then you might start looking for reasons to disregard their information no matter how credible it may be.

Deciding between different E Cigarettes

If you are in the market to get one of these stop smoking devices you are probably asking yourself two things:

1. Can I buy cheap electronic cigarette and get the same user experience?
2. Where can I buy e cigarettes from a trustworthy source?

The problem we have with cheap e cigarettes is that you are not really buying what you think you are buying. What I mean by that is that most companies are importing generic Chinese devices which have been re branded and repackaged and sold as their own special product. These products may seem more affordable but they are never as cheap as they should be, you can pick up the same product, unbranded for even less cash.

When you buy from Green Smoke you are getting an e cigarette which uses a patented 2 piece design as compared to the 3 piece generic models. I’ll explain why this is better later but the important thing is that you are getting a products which have been manufactured to precise specifications for a US company.

Why Are Green Smoke E Cigs The Best?

With this in mind we start to see where the extra value comes from in the Green smoke electric cigarette:

  1. Vastly superior components compared to the competition.
  2. A patented design which results in huge improvements in performance. The quantity of smoke like vapor produced is unequaled by anything else on the market.
  3. A 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee if you decide the green smoke isn’t for you for any reason what so ever.
  4. A 12 month warranty on your green smoke means this company offers something unheard of among the discount E Cigarette retailers.

Why is the 2 piece E Cigarette design better?

The major selling point of Green Smoke is its 2 piece patented design which sets it apart from the competition. While other companies rely on fancy marketing campaigns and expensive looking packaging the green smoke offers something more. You might have read about this before but do you know how big a difference it makes to your user experience?

If you have used a traditional 3 piece E Cig before then you will be all too aware of the limitations of these products. The most common complaints are, leaky replacement cartridges, blocked atomizers and lack of vapor. The 2 piece design takes care of every one of these problems in one go.

The thing is, with the Green Smoke electronic cigarette you only have a battery and the replaceable cartridge which also houses the atomizer. What this means is that there is nothing to go wrong or break down in this product. Every time you change your cartridge you also get a new atomizer, so no more clogged components and you E Cig preforms perfectly month after month without the slow downward spiral of functionality experienced with regular Electronic Cigarettes.

Another added bonus of the design is the vast amount of smoke generated when using these, you will feel like you are still smoking your regular tobacco products and at the same time not missing them one bit. Smokers who choose a Green Smoke are less likely to return to cigarettes because they are more likely to be satisfied with the realistic smoking experience.

For those who have prior experience with other devices the arrival of the Green Smoke is like taking possession of product that belongs with the next generation of E Smoking devices.

Why can you trust Green Smoke?

When you buy from Green Smoke you are buying from a highly successful US Company with US staff and US morals. They are not based in some far off country from where they have to send your products. This means you won’t have to ride your luck hoping your shipment gets through customs, and you won’t have to wait weeks to see if they arrive.

Deliveries are made promptly and I know from experience that this is a company that puts the customer first. If you have ANY problem with your order it will be rectified immediately no questions asked, and they are always willing to give a refund within 30 days of purchase if you decide their product isn’t for you.

Another reason to buy Green Smoke – Promo Codes

Although they are a bit more expensive than the average, we can see they offer a device that cannot be compared to that of the competition. But if you are still in two minds remember you can get 10% off every order you make at the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette shop if you use the discount code disc10-2338. With the promo code reducing the price and the extra quality you are getting, to buy Green Smoke really is a no brainer.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an e cigarette, buy Green Smoke. I can assure you its a decision you will not regret but even if you did you could easily send it back for a refund.

17 thoughts on “Why Buy Green Smoke E Cigarettes Online?”

  1. I just bought a green smoke cigarette. Shippement was fast, 5 days to get to MTL, Canada. As for the product, just amazing. I decided Id try it out, if i didnt like it return it after 30 days. Forget it, 3 days later, i ordered 8 packs of carthridges. I have had no cravings and I actually smoke less than real cigarettes. And i can allready feel my wallet getting heavier! i spent 10$ a day on a pack of smokes. IT IS WORTH THE TRY.

  2. Green Smoke is much better than smoke51 in my opinion. Smoke51 leaks and the atomizer goes bad but with Green Smoke no leaks and a new atomizer is in each cartridge. Here is my blog if you want to come and comment your link on mine as well.

  3. There’s no doubt in my mind that Greensmoke is the best Ecigarette. I’ve tried devices from a few other companys but was disappointed with the quality of the parts. Some work great to begin with but quickly deteriorate. With green smoke I’m getting a fresh atomiser with every cart and it all works just perfect.

  4. I have bookmark this article and will definitely refer to it again before I make a decision about which e cigarette to purchase.

  5. **TAKE NOTE** imaginary ‘Steve’ left exactly the same comment as imaginary ‘Emily’ in exactly the same words. Do you really believe those glowing comments actually came from real customers.

  6. i’m a menthol smoker, how is the menthol flavor of greensmoke?
    what is the best tasting menthol out there?

    1. Hi Tom

      Menthol is one of my favorite green smoke flavors. V2 e cigarettes also have a great menthol flavor, but which one you prefer will come down to personal taste. Unfortunately you’ll have to try both to find out which suits you best, although I think you will be perfectly happy with either of them. I advise you to stay away from the Apollo menthol, I didn’t find them very nice at all.


  7. I am 51 years old and have been smoking since i was 15. I ordered greensmoke e-cig. on 6-24-11 and hope to keep u updated on what i truelly feel about it. I currently smoke 1 to1 1/2 packs of sonoma full flavor regular cigs. a day. Sonomas are a harsh strong cig. I purchased greensmoke redlabel 24mg hoping it will be a good replacement. I have never used an e-cig before and have no clue it i’m throwing my money out the door over a bunch of hype. I will tell u this…I smoke because i need to not because i want to. Smoking also keeps me cool under fire in my work enviroment..without my habit I’d snap. When my order comes in i’ll update this post. I’m interested if it works and if so i’ll be just blown away. I’ll be fair but if it’s not for a heavy hitter like me i’ll tell u so.

    1. Hi there Mark.

      Great to hear that you have decided to give the Green Smoke e cigarette a try. I’m sure you will find it a nice replacement for the tobacco you’ve been using. Remember, you have nothing to lose as you can sent the starter kit back for a full refund if you decide it’s just not for you.

      I hear you about smoking helping you to deal with pressure. I think a lot of us feel the same way and it’s what keeps us smoking even when we know it’s destroying our health. Anyway, I truly hope that the electronic cigarette works out well for you and that it keeps you off the smokes 🙂


  8. Sorry not to return so soon but i went on a well needed vacation for 2 weeks. My greensmoke arrived while I was gone and I sure wished I had it on vacation. Some states charged me $85.00 a carton for basic cigs. So… as soon as i got home i opened up this small package containing the greensmoke. From time of order (june 25) to delivery (june 29) at my home was 4 days and that is excellent due to a weekend order. As i said prior in my comment section dated june 25 i am going to be critical but honest in my approach. I did order the car adapter and pocket case at a minimal cost and i believe it will be beneficial in my use. Everything comes neatly in 1 small box specifically made for the product and is rather compact. The visual quality looks like a real cig and the wall charger and USB charger are small and compact..AWESOME. REAL SIMPLE REAL COMPACT
    No i havent smoked it yet.I am going to charge it first than i’ll tell you if its worth the price. So far the product/shipping time/packaging/and craftmanship of the greensmoke appears to be outstanding. Can’t wait to give it a puff.

  9. Well today I decided to switch over to grrensmoke and put my regular cigs away. I plugged it in the wall charger (see blog july11) and have not yet observed the green light indicating a full charge but i believe as all new batteries/chargers ect. in time it will. I did contact customer support inline and instantly had online help..a real person too… not some computer typing electo robot. Well hears the facts…This E-cig tastes mildly different than my cigs. I smoke a harsh “SONOMA” kind of like a non filter came or pall mall but has a filter on it; But at my age i’ve smoked every brand there is. The red-smoke 24mg does have that rough yet mild kick with a heavy taste i was looking for. This thing actually puts out some good smoke to exhale too. A little heaver and small bit larger than a regular cig but nothing to worry over.

    I believe my heavy habit of smoking will not even notice the difference. I truelly do enjoy the taste and smoke and that takes alot for me to say that. I’m a heavy hitter/I say it the way it is/ and i don’t like any B…SH…!!! BUT this little contraption is GREAT. I just can’t believe it…. I will see how long one of those atomizer cartriges/filter/tips last and update this post. I will also tell you if i can ultimately believe i canween down to 0mg nicotene. As for now day (1) i have not had any nicotene withdrawals and trueely am enjoying my purchase but the real test is in about 3 to 7 days. I will keep you posted. My recomendation for now is …any light smoker who wants the benefits of good flavor, smoke, and something to curb that habit BUY A GREENSMOKE. I’ve tried patches, gum, pills, and nothing compared to this. they all failed because it didn’t support my hand habit and smoke taste when the game is on at work. WELL..This is like the real thing. See you later untill about day 5 to 8. Remember no BS here i’ll tell you straight.

  10. Great news Mark. So happy to hear that you are having fun getting to know your new e cig. Yes, the electronic cigarette definitely tastes different from smoking tobacco. A few people find that can’t make that switch but if you are lucky enough to like it then your on the right track to using it full time. I love the throat hit and vapor of the green smoke, it puts the device on a different planet from all those ineffective nicotine replacement therapies out there.

    I intended to wean myself down on the nicotine levels but have found still using the high carts after all this time. I guess I’m just happy using my e cig since it doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my health. If you manage to do it though that would be awesome as I’m sure the human body would rather be without nicotine altogether. Not to mention the cash you will save!

    Keep us up to date on your progress.


  11. Hi Ric and Mark, I started reading your blogs today and found them very helpful in hopefully making the decision to purchase an e-cigarette, also the best choice in brand, affordability, etc, and whether they might really be THE thing that would enable me to finally give up the real deal! I have been a heavy hitter like Mark for 30 yrs and starting to have some health concerns ( not related to smoking yet , except for the expected sob), so I know I have GOT to quit and hopefully save a little money, although I think I would be willing to pay as much as I do for reg. cigs if they really work for me. Like you guys ,the majority of my smoking stems from the need to have something to do with my hands, to have with my morning coffee, after a meal, when I feel stressed out and when I want to relax and chill out.Ric’s comments so far have been encouraging. I will eagerly be waiting to find out how it’s working out for Mark. Oh yes, I have some questions about shipping and so forth, but that can wait for later. Kathy

  12. ok im calling bs im gonna go out and buy this but im returning it and switching brands if im dissatisfied ive had too many damn e cigs fuck up on me ill keep yall posted

    1. Well good luck with it Paul, I hope you enjoy your switch to the Green Smoke.

      Be sure to let us know how you like it 🙂


  13. @Kathy: I’m also feeling the need to give up the real thing after a recent heart attack. It is SO difficult, which is why I’m checking out esmokers– but if anyone has any other tricks or tips beyond what I’ve read, let me know. Also, I’m currently in Canada and would rather support local commerce than order from another country. These particular electronic cigarettes look really promising. Does anyone have any experience with this online store?

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