What Are E Cigarettes?

I always feel like people who haven’t heard about e cigarettes must have been living under a rock for the past two years but I forget that the only reason I was lucky enough to find out about them was because I had a friend who was attempting to stop smoking using this revolutionary device.

As soon as I clapped eyes on the Ecigarette I was raring to get one for myself, after trying my friends dse-901 I was totally sold and needed no more convincing that this electronic cigarette was going to be the future of my smoking career. The funny thing is that my friend is now back on regular cigarettes I have never been happier with the E Cigs. If you were to ask me why I succeeded in using them in the long term while my friend failed, I’d have to say it was because I found a high quality device (Green Smoke) and was willing to pay the steeper asking price to ensure I got the best. My friend on the other hand persevered with his cheap electronic cigarette that was made in some unknown Chinese factory. Sure he got a discount price, but he also had constant problems with batteries failing, variable quality nicotine cartridges, and foul smelling nicotine liquid that would constantly leak from his device and get on his clothes and in his mouth when he inhaled.

Anyway, that’s not what this article was supposed to be about, I was going to introduce Ecigarettes to those of you who are new to the whole idea. E Cigarettes have been around for a few years now having originally been invented in China, indeed the majority of the devices on the market are still produced over there and imported by a number of companies to the States.

An E cigarette looks much like a regular tobacco product but will differ in size depending on which model you purchase. Apart from the looks and the fact that it delivers a hit of nicotine to the user, there are no many similarities with your favorite smokes. As you will no doubt have guessed this is an electronic, battery powered device, and it uses a component called an atomizer to vaporize nicotine held in a small cartridge. When you inhale in e cigarettes the vaporized nicotine is delivered exactly the same as if you were smoking but the only thing you are getting is the nicotine and a safe substance called Propylene glycol and some favoring to make the experience all the more pleasurable.

The fact that you are cutting out most of the deadly chemicals found in burning tobacco is the reason that so many people are making the switch over to this electric cigarette device. Users claim that they notice improvements in their breathing, energy levels, and general health as soon as a week after they start using them. As someone who has been “vaping” for over a year now I can tell you that this was certainly the case, for me,.I can’t say for sure that I feel as good as if I had stopping nicotine altogether, but I undoubtedly feel far better then I did when I was inhaling the poisonous tobacco fumes.

Having said all this, the E Cigarette is not the answer to all you quit smoking prayers, you are still going to be addicted to nicotine which is obviously not ideal. Some people do manage to stop smoking completely after switching to e cigarettes but you should be aware that we are not allowed to call this a stop smoking aid, as it has never been tested as such or proved to be so. I can say I know a few people who have manged to stop smoking after using one though. Its a smoking replacement that will allow you to get off your tobacco products almost painlessly and it will improve your health. If you have struggled to give up smoking unsuccessfully many times and want something that feels like a cigarette without most of the associated dangers then you might want to give the electronic cig a try.

Read my electronic cigarette reviews I you have decided you want to try out this new gadget but don’t know which one to buy.