Why Buy Green Smoke E Cigarettes Online?

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I have had a few people e-mail me over the past month asking whether the green smoke e cigarette is really all it is cracked up to be. Many of you want to know if it is worth spending the extra cash to get a green smoke instead of a cheap e cig such as the smoke 51. I understand because its hard to tell which device is going to be the best when you are sitting at your computer looking at the pictures on an Online Shop. The photos from all the electronic cigarette companies make their products look great and the only way we have to differentiate between them if by listening to reviews from people who have used them and by comparing prices.

If you don’t know anyone in real life who has tried several different brands who can give you advice on the best e cigarette starter kit on the market then you have to listen to people like me who you have never met. Listening to advice from people you don’t know personally is hard enough at the best of times but when they are telling you to spend more money than you want to then you might start looking for reasons to disregard their information no matter how credible it may be.

Deciding between different E Cigarettes

If you are in the market to get one of these stop smoking devices you are probably asking yourself two things:

1. Can I buy cheap electronic cigarette and get the same user experience?
2. Where can I buy e cigarettes from a trustworthy source?

The problem we have with cheap e cigarettes is that you are not really buying what you think you are buying. What I mean by that is that most companies are importing generic Chinese devices which have been re branded and repackaged and sold as their own special product. These products may seem more affordable but they are never as cheap as they should be, you can pick up the same product, unbranded for even less cash.

When you buy from Green Smoke you are getting an e cigarette which uses a patented 2 piece design as compared to the 3 piece generic models. I’ll explain why this is better later but the important thing is that you are getting a products which have been manufactured to precise specifications for a US company.

Why Are Green Smoke E Cigs The Best?

With this in mind we start to see where the extra value comes from in the Green smoke electric cigarette:

  1. Vastly superior components compared to the competition.
  2. A patented design which results in huge improvements in performance. The quantity of smoke like vapor produced is unequaled by anything else on the market.
  3. A 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee if you decide the green smoke isn’t for you for any reason what so ever.
  4. A 12 month warranty on your green smoke means this company offers something unheard of among the discount E Cigarette retailers.

Why is the 2 piece E Cigarette design better?

The major selling point of Green Smoke is its 2 piece patented design which sets it apart from the competition. While other companies rely on fancy marketing campaigns and expensive looking packaging the green smoke offers something more. You might have read about this before but do you know how big a difference it makes to your user experience?

If you have used a traditional 3 piece E Cig before then you will be all too aware of the limitations of these products. The most common complaints are, leaky replacement cartridges, blocked atomizers and lack of vapor. The 2 piece design takes care of every one of these problems in one go.

The thing is, with the Green Smoke electronic cigarette you only have a battery and the replaceable cartridge which also houses the atomizer. What this means is that there is nothing to go wrong or break down in this product. Every time you change your cartridge you also get a new atomizer, so no more clogged components and you E Cig preforms perfectly month after month without the slow downward spiral of functionality experienced with regular Electronic Cigarettes.

Another added bonus of the design is the vast amount of smoke generated when using these, you will feel like you are still smoking your regular tobacco products and at the same time not missing them one bit. Smokers who choose a Green Smoke are less likely to return to cigarettes because they are more likely to be satisfied with the realistic smoking experience.

For those who have prior experience with other devices the arrival of the Green Smoke is like taking possession of product that belongs with the next generation of E Smoking devices.

Why can you trust Green Smoke?

When you buy from Green Smoke you are buying from a highly successful US Company with US staff and US morals. They are not based in some far off country from where they have to send your products. This means you won’t have to ride your luck hoping your shipment gets through customs, and you won’t have to wait weeks to see if they arrive.

Deliveries are made promptly and I know from experience that this is a company that puts the customer first. If you have ANY problem with your order it will be rectified immediately no questions asked, and they are always willing to give a refund within 30 days of purchase if you decide their product isn’t for you.

Another reason to buy Green Smoke – Promo Codes

Although they are a bit more expensive than the average, we can see they offer a device that cannot be compared to that of the competition. But if you are still in two minds remember you can get 10% off every order you make at the Green Smoke Electric Cigarette shop if you use the discount code disc10-2338. With the promo code reducing the price and the extra quality you are getting, to buy Green Smoke really is a no brainer.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an e cigarette, buy Green Smoke. I can assure you its a decision you will not regret but even if you did you could easily send it back for a refund.