Green Smoke Electric Cigarette Vs Cheap E Cig Brands

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Green Smoke E Cigarette Review.

When buying e cigarettes there are several things to consider other than just the build quality of the device you are buying. With e cigarettes you need to consider how you are going to stock up with refill cartridges, how good is the service going to be, and how long does it take for orders to arrive at your door?

How does the green smoke e cigarette compare with the competition in these areas? Lets have a look.

Green Smoke Cartridges

You might already have experience with the cheap electric cigarettes on the market and if that’s the case you won’t need too much convincing to give green smoke a try. On the other hand if you are new to this particular stop smoking aid you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

When it comes to your average discount E Cigarettes you get a cartridge with a plastic component inside which holds a fabric sponge drenched in nicotine solution. These cartridges are unsealed and slide onto your unit. They are renowned for leaking and spilling nicotine in your mouth when inhaling.

With Green smoke you get a sealed, screw-on cart that fits securely on you device to eliminate leakage, making nicotine solution in your mouth a thing of the past.

Replacement Atomizers

If you are used to using one of the many 3 piece e cigs on the market them you will have had you share of frustrations concerning unreliable atomizers. One of main problems with the 3 piece unit is the fact the performance of the atomizer drops rapidly from the moment you start using it. Even if you are happy with the smoke production when you receive your device you will quickly learn that your pleasure is not to last.

How does the green smoke get around this problem? Green smoke decided that this problem with the 3 piece was unacceptable and decided to fix it for good when developing their patented E Cig. That’s why their cartridges have a built in atomizer. That’s right, every time you change a cartridge you get a brand new, perfectly functioning atomizer to ensure you get maximum smoke production with every draw.

Electric Cigarette Delivery

Green smoke puts customer service right up there at the very top of their concerns. They know that happy customers will keep coming back time and again to fill up their shopping cart with refill cartridges, batteries and carry cases.

Your order is shipped from the USA as well so you know you can get your hands on your premium e cigarette as quickly as possible. Ordering from overseas can mean delays at the border and there have been many customers whose products have failed to show up at all.

There is only one slight negative to the green smoke cigarette and that’s the fact you will have to pay a little more right off the bat. Keep in mind the fact that you don’t have to worry about buying spare atomizers, and the batteries will last you longer. Over the long term this higher quality, more satisfying electronic cigarette shouldn’t work out any more expensive. If you haven’t tried one before you will also be pleasantly surprised at the large savings made in comparison to regular tobacco smokes.

Visit the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Shop to find out more and don’t forget to use the promo code disc10-2338 to get 10% off your order.

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  1. i couldn't agreee more with your thoughts on e cigarette cartridges. I've used many different types of e cig usually the cheapest i could find but i thought getting flavored nicotine liquid in your mouth was a normal part of using these. I foudn the green smoek thanks to this webpage and cant belive teh diofference. The high quality is obvious form the this look but its the amount of vapor that really make you know how good these are. I feels like you are smoking a real cigarette. i guess thats why they call it the vapor monster.

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