Your Electronic Cigarette Questions Answered

Will an e cigarette help you stop smoking?

The e cigarette is not marketed as a stop smoking aid in the US due to the fact that it hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA for its effectiveness in allowing users to kick the nicotine habit. Its more helpful to think of the E Cig as a cigarette substitute. It enables the user to replace harmful tobacco products with a nicotine delivery system which does less harm.

Its true that many E cigarette users manage to stop smoking entirely when using the device but if you consider it purely as a harm reduction product you will be happy with the results you get in terms of the improvements you feel in your health, the money you save, the improvement in your environment with the elimination of smoke and the money saved.

E cigarettes are the most realistic nicotine replacement therapy on the market, they aren’t identical to tobacco but with a little patience you will find them to be a cleaner tasting alternative that you very quickly learn to love.

Can I Use An Electronic Cigarette In Non Smoking Public Places?

In most case yes, e cigarettes are legal to use in non-smoking bars due to the fact that you are not burning any tobacco or producing any dangerous toxins. The smoke-like vapor which is exhaled by an e cig smoker is harmlessly dissipated into the atmosphere without negatively affecting the health of those around you. It does however make sense to get permission from the manager after explaining to them how the device works as the concept is new to many people.

Whether you can use them in airplanes will depend on the particular airline but some seem to be OK with it while others have explicitly stated that they have not to be used. When I used an e cigarette when flying I got round the issue by only using it in the toilet to avoid any confrontation.

What About E Cigarette Safety?

No one can give you a concrete answer on the question of E Cigarette safety. What seems certain is that it will turn out to be safer than using traditional tobacco products but to be on the safe side you should treat them as a temporary nicotine replacement therapy rather than a long term substitute for tobacco.

Can you find Cheap E Cigarettes?

The prices of E cigarettes vary greatly and its really up to you how much you spend. As with any other product you tend to get what you pay for with prices Online starting at around $30 going up to over $100. The entry level models are usually just re branded generic devices from china which although they aren’t going to last you long will give you a good idea what to expect from vaping in general.

If you want something to use when you are out at a bar then I’d opt for something a little more expensive such as the Green Smoke E Cigarette because of the superior build quality which shows through in the more refined looks. You’ll also get a better “smoking” experience when you pay that little bit extra which should lead to better long term success in using the device.

If you are looking for a bargain investigate the Cheap Electronic cigarette models available from many of the sellers on Amazon.

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