The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

There are several reasons for anyone to stop smoking but the first and foremost reason is to get rid of the nasty effects that inhaling tobacco smoke has on the body. If you have only taken up smoking in the last few years and are still reasonably young then you probably think that cigarettes are having a negligible effect on your health but be aware that even if you can see it the negative consequences of a nicotine habit are eating away on the inside of your body.

Older smokers will be all too aware of the consequences of their addiction and that’s most of them are literally dying to quit. Some of the effects of smoking are easy for all to see in someone who has an addiction that goes back more than a couple of decades. The skin starts to loss its elasticity and healthy glow, shortness of breath occurs after the slightest amount of exercise and general fitness levels plummet.

Other outward effects include:

  1. Uncontrolable coughing fits
  2. Stained fingers, teeth and hair
  3. Deeper wrinkles then average for your age
  4. Bad Breath

Of course the damage being done to the inside of your body is even more severe and is the stuff you should be really worried about. Half of all people who are lifetime smokers will die from their habit so obviously the weed causes some pretty nasty effects on our internal organs.

The more serious internal damage caused by cigarette smoke includes:

  1. Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  2. Reduced blood flow to your limbs which can lead to a need for amputation
  3. Lungs get coated with tar, often leading to lung cancer
  4. The Carbon monoxide content of cigarette smoke robs oxygen from your system making your heart struggle to function

Switching over to E cigarettes is a great first step in getting off tobacco and allowing your body to heal from the poisons that you have been consuming for years.