Ric’s Updated Electronic Cigarette Reviews

It has been almost a year since I last updated my e cigarette reviews so I thought it was about time I got my hands on some new starter kits to see how the leading brands on the market have progressed.

If you’ve been on the site over the last couple of months you will have noticed that I’ve been posting some in depth reviews of many of the most popular e cigarette products. I’ve been using all of them for a prolonged period of time to enable me to give you the best idea about what e cigs are worth buying. The only problem is that if you are looking to make a quick purchasing decision you might not be too interested in reading my 3000 word opus on the pros and cons of every device you could possibly buy. For that reason I’ll do a quick run down of the best e cigarettes I’ve been lucky enough to use, and list the important points you will want to consider before you buy.


With that out of the way let’s take a look at my top 4 electronic cigarettes at the moment.

The Best E Cigarette I’ve Reviewed Is The Green Smoke

For the third year in a row Green Smoke E cigarettes are my top pick for anyone looking for a high quality e cig at a reasonable price. Until I got my new starter kit from this company a few weeks ago I was considering giving the top spot to a different brand for a change, but the company’s new Flavormax cartridges and reduced pricing have ensured they stay ahead of the pack once again.

Why Buy Green Smoke?

  • A very high quality product which is obviously manufactured with the aim of being the best on the market.
  • Fantastic new range of cartridges called Flavormax which provide great taste, massive vapor, and the most realistic “smoking” experience from any electronic cigarette I’ve tried so far.
  • Cartridges are created using a proprietary wicking technology which ensures you get the best taste, and no chance of inhaling any nasties from heated plastics.
  • Starter kit now includes a free USB e cigarette and $10 has been knocked off the retail price.
  • No need to take primer puffs to get a great smoking experience when using their automatic batteries (unlike most other brands).
  • Batteries have a long cut-off which means you can take a really satisfying drag for maximum taste and vapor.
  • Their new Flavormax cartridges last a really long time and provide good vapor ’til the end.
  • Cartridges are now triple sealed which means the user gets a super consistent product.

Any Downsides To Green Smoke?

There is not a lot that I would want to see changed with this product. If pushed I’d ask them to make the stickers on the carts with paper that was a little bit thinner as they are currently tempting to peel off. Other than that this is just about the perfect device, and better than anything else available at the moment.

(with an extra 10% off the advertised price automatically discounted at checkout).

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Number 2 – V2

V2 e cigs are a newer brand on the market so when I got my starter kit a couple of months ago it was the first time I had tried them. I was impressed with this device as soon as I got it out of the package and had been using it a fair bit until my new Green Smoke Kit arrived.

What’s Good About The V2?

  • Their nicotine liquids taste good and have a very nice amount of vapor.
  • Their prices compare very well with most other products on the market.
  • They offer a cool portable charger pack which will allow you to charge your batteries when you are out of the house without having to find a power point.
  • This company now sells an attachment allowing you to use your V2 battery with nicotine cartridges from other e-cig companies. I haven’t tried this yet so can’t comment on how well it works, but it sounds promising for those who like a bit of variety in their lives.
  • Downsides to the V2?

    • The “smoking” experience isn’t quite as realistic as you get with Green Smoke.
    • I’ve heard complaints from a few people saying that they have had problems with their carts from V2 ie. Carts not lasting as long as they should or having a burnt taste. I haven’t encountered this myself and have been very happy with my V2’s performance.
    • This company has been known to be a bit slow in shipping out orders at times, probably due to not always having everything in stock. If you order from them let me know how long your shipments take to arrive.

    Note: Remember to use coupon code ecigaretteshop to get an extra 10% off your order with V2.

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    Number 3 – Vapor King by Electronic Cigarettes Inc.

    Electronic Cigarettes Inc have really expanded their range since the last time I tried them and they have a couple of products that you might like to try out. I’ve tested both the Vapor King ETank and the regular Vapor King both of which are top e cigarettes. I personally prefer the regular version as the ETank didn’t have enough of a throat hit for my liking, although I did produce a massive amount of vapor.

    The Vapor King starter kit is a quality product which has a really nice feel to it with very good vapor production and a satisfying throat hit. The difference between this product and the others in this list is that it doesn’t use the cartomizer system, but rather has a small tank which you fill with your nicotine liquid, and a separate atomizer which will have to be replaced at regular intervals. This makes for a rather unique vaping experience for those of us used to simply screwing in a new cart when the old one runs dry. It’s one which I quite enjoy, although for everyday use I prefer the ease of use associated with the likes of the Green Smoke.

    The only negatives for me with this electronic cigarette were:

    • It has a tendency to leak nicotine liquid when carried in my pocket.
    • The taste of the nicotine liquid supplied by the company wasn’t as good as some of the others I’ve tried, although I have only tried this tobacco flavor. This problem could be remedied by purchasing your liquids from a third party supplier.

    If you are tempted to try something a little bit different then this device could be right up your alley.

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    Number 4 – White Cloud Cirrus E Cigarettes

    White Cloud have a reputation for being ridiculously expensive and it’s one that’s deserved. You will have to shell out almost $300 dollars to get you hands on their top of the range Cirrus III, and that’s the reason you will find very few people using these. Having said that, it is an e cigarette that you might want to consider if you have plenty of cash to spend.

    Why Buy White Cloud Cigarettes?

    • There are a few things that set the White Cloud apart from the other e cigarettes I have reviewed.
    • They are the smallest e cigarette.
    • The nicotine liquid in their carts tastes awesome.
    • They offer a real easy draw, unlike some brands which feel like you are trying to suck a golf ball through a straw.

    What I Don’t Like So Much About White Could E Cigs

    • The price..obviously 🙂 You’re going to have to have deep pockets to feel good about putting down $300 for an e cigarette you can’t try before you buy.
    • Doesn’t produce as much vapor as the Green Smoke or V2 – This won’t be a big deal for some, but for others it will be a deal breaker.
    • They don’t sell as many cool accessories for their products as many other brands.

    Is White Cloud Worth The Money?

    In all honesty I would prefer the Green Smoke to the White Cloud even if they were available for the same price. It’s true that the Cirrus has great tasting cartomizers, but that doesn’t make up for the lower vapor production and slightly less satisfying “vaping” experience.

    If the thing that really matters to you is getting the smallest e cig possible or being the only person using a particular product then you might want to take a closer look at these.

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